Rhythm on a Roll

Rhythm on a Roll


Do your students struggle to understand the duration of note values? Here’s a game that I created for my own group lessons and it was a winner. I believe it will be for your studio, too!

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Many students (even though I stand on my head and do back flips trying to make it clear) assume two 8th notes equal two beats.

The red flags went up so I was determined to develop an activity for an upcoming group lesson that would help anyone at any level to understand the value of notes and add them up with confidence. The game is similar to Yahtzee with a twist.

Your students will be adding up note values with confidence.

TIP: It’s a terrific game to play while holding performance classes, too. Listeners are quiet and focused as performers play their pieces.

Don’t hold group classes? It’s easy to turn this game into a studio-wide challenge. Details are included in the instructions.

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