Empowering teachers to embrace technology, smart business practices and a creative approach to teaching piano.


Are you looking to expand your studio, make more income, find more time for theory, music history, composition, etc? Then consider adding Off-Bench time with your On-Bench instruction (see the Fees & Info page to learn more about this format.) Or, perhaps you know you need to reset your present teaching style and need a boost. Let me help you design a plan and brainstorm fresh ideas to suit your needs.



A personal consultation is the ideal place for you to outline your goals as a piano teacher and meet them. 



The time spent with you was priceless and so very helpful. You’ve pointed me in the right direction and have given me new insight into how to make things happen at Songbird Studio. I will most definitely stay in touch and keep you up to date. I appreciate your time and your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise.
— Becky, Illinois
This is so exciting! I can’t stop thinking about all the ideas you shared and probably won’t be able to fall asleep tonight. I appreciate you taking the time to make notes for me to refer to, and your connections to other teachers will be invaluable.
— Marie, Nevada

Fees + Info:


What does a consultation include?

1) I help you make a plan to reach your ambitions for your studio with   innovative, creative and pedagogically sound ideas. In addition, I’ve got some  great connections in the world of piano teaching…I could help you with your  networking, too.

2) You receive comprehensive notes after the consultation including highlights and links to resources mentioned in our conversation.

3) Included in the notes, you receive a link to a one-hour video in which I provide in-depth instructions on how to begin Off Bench time in your studio.


Individual coaching sessions are $90 for a 60-minutes session held via Skype or Facetime

  • Contact me at lviss@me.com

  • You and I agree on a time for us to meet using Facetime or Skype.

  • You send me a list of questions, concerns–whatever you want to discuss–during our 60-minute session.

  • I prepare answers prior to our meeting.

  • An invoice of $90 is emailed to you prior to the meeting. Credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted.

  • Full payment is due prior to the meeting.

  • We meet at our designated time and I take ample notes.

  • These notes are emailed to you after our meeting.