Rhythm Produce

Rhythm Produce


When you purchase Rhythm Produce, you receive downloadable PDF’s of the following:

  • NEW! Mixing Music Learning Theorywith Rhythm Produce article

  • NEW! Beets to print and laminate and explain meter and subdivision

  • NEW! Rhythm Produce Long Durations

  • NEW! Rhythm Produce Reference Sheet

  • Rhythm Produce Index Cards help readers at any level to easily recognize subdivisions of a beat.

  • Hand Pick a Pair, a card game, builds audiation skills.

  • Polyrhythm Grids explain the math behind polyrhythms (2 vs 3 and 3 vs 4.) I firmly believe this approach will deliver positive results for first encounters with those tricky cross rhythm passages.

You’ll want to keep this resource close by so you can reference it at each lesson to fortify and boost rhythm reading skills!

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What people are saying:

“I have to say, this really helped me with creatively naming rhythmic patterns.  When you have a theme (fruits and vegetables) to start with, it makes it much easier to come up with new mnemonics.  I was looking at the piece “Predator” by Daniel McFarlane, and came up with “Watermelon slices, and watermelon juice” for the first part of the LH section.”


I really got so much out of yesterday’s webinar. The cups and “corn on the Cob” saved the day for one student.


Here’s a clever way from a reader to use Rhythm Produce in a group:

The plan so far for my upcoming group lesson is to first teach some key rhythms using the rhythm produce cards. Then review using the Hand Pick a Pair game and/or then reinforce the same rhythms later in the lesson using the Heads Up App. This will hopefully be a great lead-in to having them create their own 4-measure rhythm (written on dry-erase paper cards that will fit into a hanging word chart) that they will teach us using rhythm cups. We’ll put our rhythms together for a group composition and play the whole thing, record it and take a picture of the final product for a take home. I’ll let you know how it turns out. The debut will be October 11th.

Thanks again for sharing your creativity. You and Bradley Sowash are huge encouragements to me as I strive to stay fresh and focussed as a teacher! 


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