Rhythm Make it Count

Rhythm Make it Count


Here’s a plan for you to implement immediately into your tech-savvy studio.

Do you need app assignments to reinforce rhythm?

How about ideas for off-bench fun that will build rhythmic security?

Rhythm Make it Count is the resource for you!

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Why this resource?

If you’ve hung around 88PK (88 Piano Keys), you may have gotten talked into implementing an Off Bench lesson format. While one student works with you at the bench, another completes assignments off the bench using the iPad or other materials.

Many of you have asked me what to do during Off Bench time.

This will give you the inside scoop to what I do and how I do it. I believe I’ve made it easy for your to do in your studio as well!

Why isolate rhythm?

It is the pulse of music. Once a steady beat is established then it’s important to know how to add up and divide those pulses. Next it’s essential to read the signs and symbols. Once hearing and reading rhythms becomes easier, so many things fall into place, especially reading music.

Unfortunately, I know plenty of fine musicians who still are puzzled by reading rhythms. I’m passionate about making that easier for students with activities on the bench, off the bench and with powerful apps.

What is it?

Rhythm Make it Count is a downloadable PDF and comes in six sections:

Part 1 A cover page, Preface and Table of Contents

Part 2 A Teacher’s Guide that includes

  • My secrets about off bench time–or at least most of them.

  • Alphabetized pictures and links to all the apps featured in the resource.

  • Off bench activities I use to reinforce rhythm in private or group settings.

  • An organized index of favorite activities by other creative teachers and bloggers.

The scope and sequence is divided into two assignment grids:

Part 3 Round One (quarter, half, dotted half, whole notes and rests, 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures

Part 4 Round Two  (review of Round One adding ties, upbeats, 16ths, 6/8 time, triplets, syncopation.)

The unique feature? All assignments are organized into categories. Those that train the eye, those, that train the ear, the hand, the musical imaginations and even the feet!

Part 5 A Get Inspired! Episode with videos that are guaranteed to inspire and guided questions to keep viewers engaged.

Part 6 Jumbo icons to post in your studio so students can recognize and find apps easily.

Who is it for

It was written for those who

  • Want to integrate the iPad and the best apps into their teaching.

  • Began Off Bench time in their studios and are feeling unsure about what to do like my friend Amy Watt who helped create this resource.

  • Want dynamic, engaging off bench activities to reinforce their teaching.

How to use it

  • Begin by reading the Teacher’s Guide.

  • Study the assignment grid and decide on the apps that appeal to you. Download them and learn how they work.

  • Print off the grids and create folders for each student.

  • Highlight the assignments for them to complete each week off the bench and they check it off when finished.

  • Solidify and reinforce the concepts with supplied supplemental activities on the bench at private or group lessons.


  • Import the assignment sheets into Notability.

  • Create a divider for each day of the week and a folder for each student.

  • Then duplicate the assignment grid and place one in each student folder and continue the process as listed above.


  • Please make sure you download ALL the files for this resource–you won’t want to miss a thing!

  • The Separate files are packaged together in a ZIP file.

  • Download your copy as soon as you receive it in your email inbox. The link is included in your receipt.

  • Your link will expire 24 hours after you purchase it.

  • Please do not share your downlad with others.

  • If you have any issues, please email me at leilaviss88@gmail.com