Group Teaching Blueprint

Group Teaching Blueprint


Step-by-step instructions, must-have resources, videos, photos and spreadsheets shared by Marie Lee, group teaching expert.

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The Group Teaching Blueprint is a whopping 135-pages of detailed step-by-step instructions, videos, lesson plans, resource links, and business help.

With 15 years of experience and school of 160+ students, seasoned group piano teacher Marie Lee has compiled answers to all of your critical questions on how to make the transition to group classes or how to grow your current program:

  • How do I make the transition from private to group?

  • What methods work to convince parents?

  • How to set up a piano lab on a budget?

Whether you make the full transition or not, key time-savers and the use of innovative tools, teaching strategies and technology are covered that will enhance any method you use.

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Fellow teacher turned group teacher, Janna Carlson says this:

“When I converted my private lesson studio to group lessons, I had one wish:

I wanted to visit Marie Lee’s music school in Nevada and see, first-hand, how she runs such a successful group lesson program. I wanted to see her lesson plans, scheduling tools, studio setup, classroom management techniques, repertoire and method book choices, and how she communicates with parents. I wanted to observe her classes in action and take books full of notes. Most of all, I wanted to sit down across from Marie and pick her brain.

When Marie published the Group Teaching Blueprint, I got my wish.

This incredible resource takes you inside of Marie’s well-organized group piano studio framework. It is a framework that is built with attention to detail, creativity, and a deep love for group teaching.

The quality and depth of experience that Marie shares in the Group Teaching Blueprint is unmatched. Nowhere else will you find a such a detailed, well-balanced look at the logistics and concepts behind teaching piano in groups.

If you choose only one resource to help get your group piano program off the ground, choose this one. It is worth far more than the investment and will remain the standard in group teaching resources for years to come.”

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