Go Baroque

Go Baroque

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The Baroque period is a treasure chest of legendary composers and keyboard repertoire but, students usually don’t ask to play the music from the powdered-wig style. Go Baroque will change that!

The Go Baroque bundle of downloadable PDF’s comes with a Teacher Guide, Jumbo Ornament Flash Cards, Infographic of the Baroque and Classical Periods, Relate Baroque Art to Music Guide Questions, Get Inspired! Episode 12 Guide Questions, Activity Poster and Punch Cards to keep track of activities.

Not tech-savvy? No problem! All tech-related activities are optional when you Go Baroque.

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The content is colorful so I recommend you print hard copies sparingly. Download and view them from your computer or mobile device in iBooks  or Notability.

Items you’ll want to print:

  • Infographic

  • Ornament Symbols

  • Activity Punch Cards