A Piano Teacher’s Planning Kit

A Piano Teacher’s Planning Kit


A planning resource you’ll value and reference for years to come.

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When practice and progress don’t happen, it’s discouraging for the teacher, the student and the parent. When students come back to the studio with jaw-dropping progress, it feels mighty good. Our collective goal is quite simple: we want to experience success and satisfaction every week with every student.

This connection between student practice and progress has everything to do with what happens AT the lesson.

That’s where A Piano Teacher’s Planning Kit comes in. It provides the framework for your lesson plans and includes the components listed below.



Method books provide a sequential curriculum but, it’s still crucial that you plan on how
to proceed in a lesson. You need to be armed with a plan so you are prepared for the
brief time you have with students. It doesn’t need to be complicated and can be
trimmed down to three simple sentences.


A four-step lesson template helps you implement your plan. When you rely regularly on this template, it’s like breathing and becomes a natural part of every lesson.


A lesson assignment sheet created in Google Sheets is ideal for delivering your
expectations to students between lessons. There’s many other ways that work but, this one can save a good deal of time and paper and spare your students from reading your messy handwriting!


This document gives you a sneak peek at how to organize concepts, resources and apps that can assist you in your lesson plan. Creating a “big picture” project like this takes discipline but, keeps you on track. You’ll be thankful to have this map as you teach from week to week and year to year.


A four-stage practice agenda will equip you with a system for clearly communicating practice strategies to your students and help them develop strong practice habits. This component of the kit not only shares student-tested and approved practice strategies, it equips you with tools that will help YOU communicate them and save time!

BONUS: With your purchase, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of Technical Difficulties Made Easier.


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