Pete the Pitch Profiler Worksheet Packet

Pete the Pitch Profiler Worksheet Packet


Placing chords under the magnifying glass reveals that they are made of pitches stacked in thirds. Spelling and knowing chords builds strong readers and improvisers.

Pete, the Pitch Profiler worksheets helps students spell chords and identify how a pitch functions within chords.

The downloadable PDF includes instructions and a worksheet that covers major and minor triads, 7th chords, 7th and “bird position” chords (a term used by Bradley Sowash) and one more worksheet to help with mastering the 3rds and 7ths (chord identifiers) when comping in a jazz band.

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Choose a pitch like “C.” Then complete any of the worksheets by determining how C functions in different chords.

For example, C functions as the root of the C chord, the 3rd of the Am chord and 5th of an F chord.

Mastering how pitches function within chords and spelling chords can help improvisers and composers choose chords and find fresh chord choices when harmonizing melodies.

This exercise is perfect for anyone who wants to get to know chords better.

Tips on what apps to use with the worksheets are included, too.

It’s time to join the Stay on Pitch Agency and Pete the Pitch Profiler–he needs more fellow agents!


TIP: Print out the digital downloads that you’ll receive on your by email. Place the worksheets in clear pockets and write on them with dry erase markers so they can be used over and over. You’ll save tons on paper and ink!

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Pete is looking for YOU!

Watch how to play and where to play Pete, the Pitch Profiler in the video below.


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