Rhythm Lab: Here to Help Video and Giveaway


A huge thank you goes out to Jon Ensminger, developer of one of my all-time favorite apps calledRhythm Make it Count Facebook-2 Rhythm Lab. He generously carved out time to share a Google Hangout with me. He walked through and explained virtually every part of the app. You don't want to miss this video recording! Keep reading where you can sign up to win a free code for Rhythm Lab. Get the app here if you can't wait. There are numerous Rhythm Lab assignments featured in my off-bench resource Rhythm Make it Count. In fact, Jon was kind enough to add Rhythm Make it Count (RMIC) patterns in the latest Rhythm Lab update!  If you purchased RMIC you will definitely want to tune in and learn all you can from Jon. If you haven't yet, good news! Rhythm Make it Count is on sale until November 14th. Purchase Rhythm Make It Count here.

What you'll learn in the videorhythm_lab_icon_135x135

  • How to set up user accounts within the app.
  • An explanation of all the icons and how they work within the app.
  • How to create, edit and share worksheets.
  • How to create, edit and share customized patterns.
  • How to use Rhythm Lab with a MIDI keyboard.
  • How to create backing tracks for rhythms in Rhythm Lab with Audio Bus and iReal Pro.
  • Tips for smaller MIDI keyboards:


Where to find more Here to Help Videos

So far, all the Here to Help videos highlight apps are featured in Rhythm Make it Count--my resource that correlates off-bench activities and apps assignments to rhythm concepts. The videos cover these apps:  Notability, SproutBeat and Rhythm Lab.

New off-bench resources will be coming in the future and so will more Here to Help videos.

The growing library of Here to Help Videos can be found here.

Sign up here for your chance to win

Jon has generously offered to give FIVE FREE codes for Rhythm Lab! Sign up below. Winners will be announced on Friday, November 11, 2016.

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PS: I've been doing a good deal of promoting lately, I know. But, I like sharing what works. Thanks for your continued to support and following. :-)