An A-List of Apps for the Budget Conscious

When a friend asked me what apps I’d purchase if I had $50 to spend, it gave me a challenge. I thought it’d be easy–it was anything but!

The challenge of staying within a budget triggered three lists:

List #1 My first attempt to stay within $100 failed miserably.

List #2 My second attempt to stay close to $100 was successful but I griped about it.

List #3 My third attempt I stayed within the preferred $50 budget. I did it but I didn’t like it.

Perhaps $100 sounds like a lot to spend on apps?

Maybe, but a good deal of them on the list are free so the list is REALLY long.

In the past, I used to purchase software programs that were $100-200.

The amount of incredibly helpful tools you can get for $100 on the iPad is completely worth the investment. Yes, I’m biased but you knew that already.

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Download the list here.

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I'll be away for a while but there will be some surprise "guest bloggers" over the next couple weeks.  I think you'll enjoy seeing who they are and what they will share with you.

Will I see you this summer?

1) Alberta Registered Music Teachers Association Workshop in Calgary, Alberta.

On my way to my firstborn son's wedding, I'll make a stop in Calgary where I'll be IMG_0783talking about group improvisation and apps for creativity.

2) David Cutler's Savvy Musician in Action at the University of South Carolina.

Next, I'll be head to South Carolina and step out of my comfort zone attending an entrepreneurial event. I'm SO pleased and thankful that three 88PK readers are joining me as they also received a scholarship to attend. See you soon, Marie, Becky and Renee!

3) Oregon State Music Teacher Association Conference

Bradley Sowash and I are honored to be the main speakers for this conference. Whoah, are we gonna have fun. I hope those Oregon teachers know what they have coming! :-)

4) 88 Creative Keys Keyboard Improvisation Workshop July 6-13, 2016.

I'll finally come back home just in time to welcome YOU into my Denver backyard. Hope you can make it! If you've got questions, contact me at


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