Wynn-Anne Rossi's Timeless Tips on Composition


Wynn-Anne Rossi and I first met at an MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California) conference years ago. I attended one of her Alfred showcases and was so impressed with her poised yet lively presentation of her latest pieces. She even danced the tango for us! Wynn-Anne and I connected during the conference and enjoyed comparing notes about technology and creativity and the importance they both hold in our studios.

It was wonderful to see Wynn-Anne and her success as an Alfred composer featured in a recent blog at JW Pepper.  My students have been head-over-heels about her Musica Latina series of books. I'm so thankful Wynn-Anne pointed me to this post as JW Pepper also includes videos of Wynn-Anne and her experience as a composer and teacher of composition.

In the blog post (read the full article here) it states:

Wynn-Anne Rossi is particularly passionate about teaching composition to young musicians. She feels that one of her greatest talents is the ability to simplify complex ideas to a single “grain,” thus allowing any level learner to understand them. This was the inspiration behind the “Counterpoints” in her Creative Composition Toolbox series. Rossi believes that anyone can learn to write music if given the freedom to find their own voice.

Rossi believes that anyone can learn to write music if given the freedom to find their own voice.

It continues...

The idea of giving children a voice through music is central to Wynn-Anne Rossi’s educational philosophy. Just as children master a language by speaking, reading and writing it, Rossi believes that just listening to or playing music is not enough. Young musicians need to create their own music to deepen their understanding of the art. With her unique approach, Rossi is able to foster the natural creativity of young musicians and use it to help them learn by encouraging them to try any type of music that strikes them.

Young musicians need to create their own music to deepen their understanding of the art.

The videos below speak volumes of Wynn-Anne and her passion for composing. Yes, she's always this articulate, gracious and elegant! Make sure to catch her tips on composition and check out her books Creative Composition Toolbox. We can all learn from them.

A little about Wynn-Anne.


After writing a piece called Brazilian Nights, Rossi was contacted by E. L. Lancaster from Alfred Music Publishing to write more Latin music. My students have been on fire for these books. An all time studio favorite is "Fuego De La Pasion" from Musica Latina Book 2.


Hearing tips from a top composer on how to teach composition is golden.

Rossi owns a private studio, offers  specialty camps and classroom residencies.


Check out Wynn-Anne's "Creative Composition Tool Box."


It's an honor to count Wynn-Anne as a friend and exciting to see her work recognized and celebrated. I couldn't be happier for her!

Like Wynn-Anne, I have a passion for teaching composition. With the same end goal and although greatly influenced by her books, she and I take slightly different paths to help pianists develop their musical imaginations. I don't have an official book explaining my approach--yet--but, it has a great deal to do with how I found my own freedom at the keys and beyond the page.

If you are interested in exploring composition with your students, why not start with Rossi's books and  by expanding your own skills beyond the page? Bradley Sowash, Debra Perez and I will help you unlock your creative voice this summer at 88 Creative Keys Keyboard Improvisation Workshop, July 6-13, 2016 in Denver.