Is it Time to Beat Some Rhythm Into Your Students?

Lets-Drum-This1.png Guess what happens when three teachers discover that they are all looking to add some bucket drumming into their curriculum? They team up and compile a resource designed specifically the way they want it and decide to share it with you!

This substantial and exceptionally organized bucket drumming resource requires a price tag and so I've set up shop atpiano teacherplanning center I've held off on this endeavor for quite some time but it feels like a good time to dive in and offer exciting products that are worthy of your investment in a store called Piano Teacher Planning Center.
I don't take this addition to the blog lightly and because of that, the first resource to be officially for sale is Bucket Drumming for Piano Teachers.
Yes, you heard me. I said drumming with buckets and sticks and for that matter, any other junkyard items you might find that create an interesting sound or "timbre."
Why would three piano teachers--Marie Lee and Heather Nanney and I--feel so compelled to compile such a resource? Because we see a need. A need for students to experience rhythm in which they can


Move away from the piano.

Solidify a pulse.

Explore their creativity.

Build ensemble skills.

Share in a fun opportunity with peers and friends.

Bring what they learn back to the piano.

If that doesn't sell you on the idea think about these three MAJOR reasons to integrate bucket drumming into your studio curriculum. You'll...

Retain students with your "off beat" approach.

Attract new students with summer camps that set your studio apart.

Brighten up private or group lessons with loads of versatile fun anytime during the year.

The video featured at the top gives you a preview of the fun in store for you and your students--I mean drummers.
With Bucket Drumming for Piano Teachers, you'll be equipped to do all of the above because you are given 80+ recipes for success. I couldn't be more grateful to Heather and Marie. They have SUCH innovative and fun ideas. With this customizable and thorough resource you'll

Screenshot 2016-05-18 10.00.57

Learn why bucket drumming is THE perfect solution for your summer camps, group and private lessons.

Have access to buckets full of resources so that you can learn how to teach bucket drumming in style.

Be ready to integrate bucket drumming into any of your current plans with pedagogically sound and guaranteed-to-rock activities.

C'mon, if I haven't sold you already, I'll throw in a pun:
Happy students stick around.

Let's Drum This!

Purchase your copy of

Bucket Drumming for Piano Teachers


Want to see bucket drumming in action and learn how to use this resource first hand? Then join Bradley Sowash and me (Leila) at 88 Creative Workshop this summer in Denver. Marie Lee will also be there to share how she uses bucket drumming in her group classes.

It's not too late to sign up but hurry, there's only a few benches (and buckets) left.