A Sneak Peak at Practicing for My Online Lessons

In the past, I've featured videos and blogs showing my best efforts AFTER I've practiced and perfected my improvisation assignment from Bradley Sowash. He photo 2 continues to challenge me with his online, expert instruction. With limited time to practice, I decided I'd come clean and let you in on the somewhat messy process BEFORE "perfection" or let's say "close to perfection" occurs. What you'll see below shows how I tolerated cleaning my bathroom--not my favorite chore--by allowing myself periodic breaks to practice. Come to think of it, this would be a good way to encourage my students to practice. Parents could offer two options: practice or clean a bathroom!

Alas, I digress...back to my online lesson experience and the video below. What you will observe in the clip are steps to building my creative skills. During lessons, Bradley expertly isolates the various tasks an improviser must achieve. It is my goal to not only master each one but also to combine them into something that sounds fresh, uniquely mine and of course, somewhat pleasing. photo 3

Here's your birds-eye view of my practicing thanks to my latest iPad accessory called the Manos Mount. This universal mount screws on to a mic stand and holds any size tablet. I'm in love to say the least. Click here to read my review.

Interested in taking a chance on your creative potential?  I highly recommend studying with Bradley (click here sign up.) If you have an aversion to online lessons, take advantage of the camps he and I are offering this summer. Check out 88CreativeKeys.com and learn the details about our two camp locations: Ohio and Denver. HURRY and take advantage of the Early Bird discount.

PS: Looking to launch your teaching and personal skills into the 21st century? THIS is the camp for you.




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