My New Favorite iPad Accessory: Manos Mount

You wouldn't believe what items I've stacked to create a suitable home for my iPad while recording myself at the keys. Well, perhaps you would because you've been in the same pickle trying to find the perfect height for the camera angle? I'm downright embarrassed of my homespun remedy. How could any self-respecting iPad owner be so out of touch with mounts for the iPad?  I include the pic below to confess the depth of my "unsavviness" and to show you how far my camera equipment has come in just a few days. photo


Let me share my good news--I mean really good news: there is now a unique mount for any size device with a camera!

The makers of the AirTurn pedal have done it again and created an accessory you will not be able to live without as an iPad owner. It's called the AirTurn Manos Mount.  The design is inspired by the human hand--so simple and yet so clever AND universal. It will hold all your devices of any size--phone, mini-iPad, iPad Air--any generation of iPad or other tablet. I could go on and on, but instead watch the video below as Hugh Sung explains it better than I.

Here are pics of how the iPad even with the case fits snugly into the mount. It even can hold the tiny camera I use for my online lessons.

The ONE extra item required for this to function is a microphone stand. I had recently purchased one to hold my small camera but was using duct tape (!) to fasten the camera to the mic stand. Another piece of good news: it is Mic Month at Guitar Center (click here for all the deals.) I chose to purchase a relatively inexpensive stand and it works fine. Whatever you choose to spend, it will be worth the investment if you are interested in using the Manos Mount with your iPad or additional devices.  For online lessons, recording students, etc., I can't think of a better combination. Wow, my video life has improved dramatically.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post which explores various camera angles using the Manos Mount while I recorded myself practicing for my online lessons.

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