JoyTunes Webinar Notes

1604801_242539482614567_8727638955773845747_n What a pleasure to have you on board the latest JoyTunes Webinar!  I hope it provided new ideas and inspired you to carry on your revolutionary, 21st-century piano teaching.

Here are links to the apps mentioned throughout the hour:

  • Decide Now - the duct tape app: a must in your gamification tool box. Play Piano Charades at your next group lesson!
  • Camera - comes "free" with your iPad, don't forget its power to command focus unlike anything else.
  • Piano Maestro - THE perfect power tool app for building strong reading skills.  Here's the curriculum guide listing all the sheet music available in the app PianoMania_RankCurriculum
  • Flashnote Derby - best app to isolate and review note names.
  • Multi-Touch Whiteboard - an irresistible doodle pad to review basics.
  • forScore - download all the Piano Maestro sheet music into this score reading app. Here's the user guideforScore User Guide

Have you been using your free subscription to Piano Mania?

Tips for downloading Piano Maestro scores into forScore: 

  • Purchase forScore from the App Store.
  • Click on the link to the Pdf's provided above while on your iPad browser (Safari.)
  • Tap on the Curriculum document and it will prompt you to "Open In" various apps.
  • Choose forScore.
  • Choose the "+" and it will automatically download the Pdf into the forScore app.
  • Create a JoyTunes Library.
  • While viewing the Curriculum Guide, tap on the link to a song.
  • Choose the "+" and it will automatically download the Pdf into the forScore app.
  • Tag each Pdf with the correct chapter number and place within the JoyTunes library.

Links to additional apps mentioned in the question and answer portion of the webinar:

  • Notion - the best app yet for notating compositions on the iPad.
  • Orphion - terrific app to spur melodies for future compositions.
  • Octavian Basics and Octavian - reference tool perfect for advancing students with theory multitouch-whiteboardassignments.
  • iReal Pro - for generating lead sheets, backing tracks and so much more.
  • Dropbox - for sharing assignment sheets, videos and documents.
  • Moosic Studio - hands down the best iPad studio management system for music teachers.
  • Garage Band - excellent for older students to develop theory and creative skills
  • Pages - best document generator on the iPad--comes free with the latest iPads.
  • Clavier Companion - avoid more paper and get the digital edition.
  • - your dream assistant and billing system all at one place.
  • MyMusicStaff - a new kid on the block ready to assist your every studio management need.

More App Ideas...

Take a moment to visit the Music App Directory if you are looking for an app to meet a specific need. In addition, please let me know if I've forgotten to include your favorite app in my directory.

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One more thing: looking for a guide to help you build a studio that will set yours apart?

Check out The iPad Piano Studio: Keys to Unlocking the Power of apps.

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