Don't Miss This Webinar!


Want a sneak peek into the studios of other teachers who are finding JoyTune's Piano Maestro a tool they can't live without?

Make sure to register for the next JoyTunes' webinar called Sharing the Joy of JoyTunes: The Pedagogy Behind the Maestro, Wednesday, November 12, 10:00 MDT.

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You'll hear and see the unexpected but pleasing ripple effects of Piano Maestro from fellow teachers and gain fresh teaching tips for your studio. For example:

1) It's not just for kids

2) It shakes up lesson plans (in a GOOD way!)

3) It reinforces scale playing and more...

Watch this video for the full scoop.

If  YOU have a story of how Piano Maestro has impacted your teaching and/or your students, we'd love to hear it. Please email me at and share your "maestromonial."

Hope to see you there but if you can't make it that morning, make sure to register so you receive a link to the video of the webinar.