November Webinar Follow-up


Sharing the Joy of JoyTunes

The Pedagogy Behind the Maestro

Thanks for joining us!

HOORAY! Here's the link to the edited webinar.

A HUGE word of thanks to the following teachers for providing

inspiring and resourceful maestromonials on behalf of Piano Maestro...

Jeannine Zwiebel, Susan Bagot, Debbie Wiser, Susan Paradis, Jennifer Foxx,

Lorie Burningham, Becki Laurent

JoyTunes Resources for Piano Maestro Teachers 


Sheet Music

JoyTunes Teachers Facebook Group

Leila's Favorite Tools used in Tandem with Piano Maestro81zTz4uEwNL._SL1500_

Highlighter Tape - for color coding patterns in the score

Flashy Fingers - for reviewing and mastering 5-finger patterns

Hand Post-it Notes - for reviewing the names of keys for each finger in 5-finger patterns

Lady Bug - for building proper hand position

Easy Scales - for mastering fingering of major and minor scales

Finger Pointer - ask students to track the score with this pointer while you play to ensure they are tracking the notes

Thumbtack - if you are looking to fill your studio, this could help you locate new students

Piano Maestro Central - I've collected as much info as I can and have dedicated a page to the app for those in need ofTW616 answers.

ForScore Tutorial Video

Susan's Tech Tips for Students and Parents using Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro Student Tips

Piano Maestro Parent Tech Tips

Make sure to follow these two blogs if you aren't already!

Jennifer Foxx Website  - the tech savvy Jennifer Foxx shares her incredible wealth of creative ideas for private and group lessons and SO much more

Susan Paradis Website - worksheet central, Susan has created countless worksheets and teaching tips and generously shares them along with her sage advice

Lorie Burmingham's Piano Maestro World Series studio incentive 

Midi connections 2 - in need of connecting your iPad to a digital keyboard? Here's what you'll need.

diamond 2 - required parts needed for the Piano Maestro World Series.

Piano Maestro World Series Handouts - instructions on how to get the challenge up and running in your studio. Check out the video below as well!

UPDATED document without Lorie's studio name:PSD World Series Banner without studio

Baseball Diamond Piano Maestro competition copy

It's ironic that those of you viewing the webinar dedicated to using the iPad ON the iPad could not see the videos!

No worries, they will be part of the recorded webinar--coming soon--so you'll be able to view them there and I've also included them below.

Videos from Jeannine Zwiebel

Video from Leila Viss

Videos from Debbie Wiser

Videos from Lorie Burningham