Need to Pin Down New Students? Try Thumbtack!

It would be irresponsible of me not to let you in on a site I recently stumbled upon called Thumbtack.thumbtack Irresponsible and selfish as a fellow teacher as I've discovered Thumbtack to be THE most promising lead to future piano students. Thumbtack is like a double-sided bulletin board. On one side are professionals looking to find future clients and on the other side are consumers looking for professional services. Thumbtack is an internet marketplace that locates and pins down the right professional for interested customers. Their services are available for customers and professionals in all 50 states. You can join Thumbtack if your business/studio is located in the United States.

In a nutshell, here's how it works

Set up your profile on Thumbtack--they provide you with insightful prompts to help you include crucial content to maximize your appeal to potential customers.

Once you set up an account, Thumbtack will email, text, or contact you via their app of anyone interested in piano lessons in your area. I receive 1 to 5 leads a day!

Every time Thumbtack sends a lead your way, you receive a profile of the student inquiring about lessons that includes the information below:

  • Student ageIMG_1032
  • Level of Experience
  • Interested in the following music styles
  • Music Lesson Type
  • Able to read music?
  • Does student have access to a piano or a keyboard?
  • Frequency of lessons
  • Lesson Length
  • Day Preference
  • Time Preference
  • When
  • Where


You then have an option to pass on the lead or submit a quote. If you submit a quote, you have an option to customize your content to make it more personable to the interested party. Thumbtack charges for every quote you send (around $3) AND if you send a quote that is not viewed by the potential customer, your money is refunded. Wow, I mean WOW!

Here's an unbelievable story about my experience with Thumbtack. After sending a quote to a potential student family as I noticed they lived VERY close to me and I liked the profile info, the mom texted me back and asked where I lived. Turned out that their home is a block away and her son who is now taking lessons with me is in the same grade as his next door neighbor who also takes lessons with me. Really? Sooner or later that family would have found me via word of mouth but boy did Thumbtack hasten the process.

I can not remember ever receiving 5 leads for new students in one day from any other marketing source. Now I experience that about every day since hooking up with Thumbtack. I've given you a peek inside this powerful online bulletin board. You can learn more here and click here to sign up.

Crossing my fingers Thumbtack is available in your neck of the woods!