Upcoming East Coast Excursion: Will I See You?

2014-01-30-18-08-32 This Midwest gal is going East next week.

Thanks to a lovely invitation extended by the Delaware Music Teachers Association and the support of JoyTunes, Ltd, I'll be their convention clinician for the entire day (gulp) which means I need to keep things interesting.

First I'll be chatting about my favorite subject: the iPad and THE top apps. This growing app list is simply too long so I'll set a timer and talk apps until the alarm sounds or peeps begin to plug their ears because they've heard enough. If you are curious to know what is on my list, you can check out all my favorites of 2014, here.

The Delaware teachers are a brave bunch as they are also allowing me to talk about my next favorite subject: group improvisation. If any of you attended this session at MTNA 2014,  you know what's in store for them.

Last, the conference traditionally holds a master class and they've asked me to lead it. I "warned" the planners, Anne and Carol, that I have a strong aversion to typical master classes and they have allowed me some wiggle room. My master class with a capital M. A. S. T. E. R. is guaranteed to be different. I'm so thankful that 6 students are willing to perform.

After Delaware, I'll be on the train to Washington DC to present in tandem with George Litterst of TimeWarp

Thank you JoyTunes for supporting a good portion of this excursion!

Technology and Brad Prentice of Jordan Kitts Music. Again, they may need a hook to pull me off stage as I'll be talking up the iPad and apps. When will Apple kick in for my unbridled marketing efforts on their behalf? Not.

The train will take me back to the Philly area where I'll speak at West Chester University for their music students and local music teachers association members--talking about apps, again. It NEVER gets old!

All of this travel to new territory means I'll be meeting many new friends. I'd love to meet YOU if you happen to be in any of these three areas. Below is the schedule and more detailed information about times and locations. PLEASE contact me or introduce yourself  if you will be attending any of these events so we can connect face to face.


The Schedule

Delaware State University, Education and Humanities Center, Dover Delaware.10479101_648025231977987_5069899517243471546_o
Saturday, November 1st, 9:00-4:00pm
Conference Clinician
Workshops include: Teaching the Mobile Generation with Today's Hottest Apps, Group Improvisation and Master Class with a capital M A S T E R.
8500 A Lee Highway, Fairfax VA 22031
Monday, November 3rd, 10:00-2:00pm
Workshop: Teaching the Mobile Generation with Today's Hottest Apps
In conjunction with Yamaha keyboard demos and George Litterst.
West Chester, PA
Tuesday, November 4th at 6:00pm
Pedagogy Class Presentation with open invitation to local teachers associations.

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I cherish new friends made around the country.

Will I get a pic with you on this trip?