My Online Lessons: An Update

Yes, a classically trained pianist CAN learn new tricks! If you've been following for a while you might recall that I began taking online lessons with Bradley Sowash over a year ago.

Although it is extremely hard to find time to practice for these creativity lessons between teaching, blogging, having a life and practicing for my regular church position, I've found time to make progress. Perhaps not as much as I would like but progress none the lesson.

Here's my latest "show and tell." In case you are wondering, this is NOT EASY! As a classically trained pianist, learning patterns and playing by ear instead of the eye is one of the most challenging and yet satisfying quests I could ever imagine.

I know, you'd rather not read my words. You want to see me in action. Before you watch the video, all dedicated students have an obligation to credit an amazing teacher. A HUGE thank you is in order to the patient and wise Bradley Sowash.

Girl from Ipanema

Black Orpheus

If you are interested digging into the past and my development as an "off-the-page" pianist, here are previous videos which serve as evidence that an "old dog" can learn new tricks.

Autumn Leaves

Summer Time

Have Yourself a Merry Christmas

Interested in moving beyond the printed page yourself? Remember, it's not all about that black and white score. You should strongly consider attending 88 Creative Keys Camp here in Denver this summer, July 6-11, 2015. Bradley and I would LOVE to see you there.