All-in-One Craft and Christmas Card


As my students prepare for their upcoming recital, they'll also be preparing a hand-made pop-up card to give the residents of the retirement home where we hold our Christmas recital. The front of the cards features one of Andrea West's six holiday coloring pages that she recently created upon my request!

Check them out below. They are ON SALE HERE and come as a bundle of 6. Just like a box of greeting cards--you've got a variety!

The Two-Week Construction Plan

Week #1

During Off Bench time, (or at home or during group lessons) students choose one design and color it.

Week #2

During Off Bench time, (or at home or during group lessons) students tape their colored design to construction paper and create the pop-up Christmas tree inside the card.


  • Andrea's Christmas Coloring pages

  • White printer paper

  • Crayons, markers, Sharpies and/or colored pencils

  • Light weight green construction paper--one sheet per student.

  • Light weight brown construction--one sheet for the studio

  • Light weight construction paper in various colors--one sheet per student.

  • Star stickers

  • Scissors

  • Double-Sided tape or Glue Dots



  • Print an assortment of Andrea's Christmas coloring pages on one side of white blank paper in landscape mode and fold them like cards.

  • After students choose a favorite, ask them to color it with colored pencils, markers and/or crayons and add a message of their choice on the front.

  • Attach the coloring page to a piece of folded construction paper with double-sided tape or Glue Dots.

  • Write a brief note inside the card wishing the residents a happy holiday season. Keep in mind where the pop-up Christmas tree will be!

  • Fold one 8.5 x11 green paper accordion style.

  • Cut into 5 pieces from longer to shorter, the longest should be around 3 inches long.

  • Attach to once side of the card with double stick tape.

  • Add double stick tape to the other side and close the card to secure.

  • Continue with the other green pieces and the one brown piece for the trunk.

  • Add a star sticker to the top.


My instructions aren't nearly as clear as the video from where I got the idea found at the 5-Minute Crafts Facebook Page.

Watch the Facebook video here. 

Note: The 5-Minute Crafts YouTube channel has SO many videos, I could not locate the exact video there so I took a few screen shots to help those who do not subscribe to Facebook.


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Enjoy making these pop-up cards with your students and share some pics, too!