NEW! Royal 9 Interval Card Game


Recognizing the look, feel and sound of intervals is essential for developing successful music readers. It's so much more efficient! Instead of identifying individual pitches, eyes, ears and fingers only need to measure the distance between them.

There are plenty of apps and games that drill pitch reading, but not nearly as many that offer interval identification drills.

That's where Royal 9 will serve you well. This regal-looking set of flash cards and companion instructions will help your students master intervals because it's a step above your typical flash card game for four reasons:

#1 It not only features intervals notated on the staff but also on a keyboard.

#2 Unlike most other flash card sets, minor, augmented and diminished intervals are included, too.

#3 Because intervals go up AND down, descending intervals are not forgotten and are notated in three different keys.

#4 The deck comes with clear instructions for over a dozen unique, innovative games with "dignified" names usually reserved for royalty! :-)

Why the title Royal 9? It holds great respect in the kingdom of intervals.

Hint: A 7th going up lands on the same key as a 2nd going down.

7 + 2 = 9

In the ten-page instruction guide, you'll find directions on how to play over a dozen games for one, two or 9(!) that will engage students and reinforce their knowledge of intervals. The simple to more sophisticated games suit all ages and playing levels.


Those of you who feature Off Bench Time will find a number of assignments to use with the cards. In addition, specific correlated assignments featuring the Tenuto app are included.

Your students will reign supreme over intervals after they've played all these games! This immediately downloadable deck is definitely worth your time and will be used year after year.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Andrea West for her clever and majestic card designs!


By the way, Royal 9 is the long-awaited companion to another resource called Understanding Intervals. Along with Off Bench assignments, this includes innovative lesson openers for all intervals for every level of pianist.

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