Develop playing skills and ignite your musical imagination at the keys through engaging, tech-savvy instruction on and off the bench.

Playing the piano takes effort.

Your efforts, combined with engaging lessons packed with gamification--education wrapped up in gaming--and scientifically-proven practice strategies promise success at the keys.

Reading, theory, writing, listening, technique and creativity are all part of playing the piano and your lessons will be carefully crafted to suit your learning style and interests.

Learning the piano is a team effort and if everyone joins in, it is a rewarding experience for all! Collaboration between teacher, student and the parent(s) is key to progress. When progress is made motivation kicks in and motivation inspires practice and practice means progress.


Playing piano takes motivation.

Falling into the “magical loop” of motivation requires:

  • Regular lesson attendance

  • Well-defined practice strategies that are carried out at home

  • Consistent home practice


Playing piano takes music that appeals.

Choosing music you like is another key factor to motivation, so choices in repertoire will be made primarily by the student with the teacher providing selections and guidance.