Policies + Tuition

Tuition covers more than my time with your pianist at the lesson.

Your timely tuition payment is an investment in quality music instruction, a guaranteed place in my studio and my preparatory planning outside of the lesson. This planning includes searching for repertoire, organizing recitals, designing summer camps, researching and staying current with the latest technology, writing student recommendations, attending conferences and practicing.  My commitment to the musical advancement of the pianist sitting on my bench is a full-time effort, and goes above and beyond an hourly fee.

Note: These rates are approximate. Expect an annual increase in tuition.

Lesson Formats

K-5th Grade Option

~60 min Lesson with Off Bench Time = 30 min lesson with me + 30 min Off Bench Time for completing assignments on the iPad, computer or the piano to reinforce piano lesson content.

$40 per lesson.

6th-8th Grade Options (must be teacher approved)

~Option 1: 60-min Lesson with Off Bench Time – 30min + 30min.

$40 per lesson

~Option 2: 60-min Lesson with Music Tech Time – 45 + 15 min (allows more lesson time to cover advancing repertoire.)

$60 per lesson

9th-12th Grade Option

~60-min Lesson with Music Tech Time – 45 + 15 min (allows more lesson time to cover advancing repertoire.)

$60 per lesson.

K-12th Grade Group Lessons

~60-min Group Lessons are in lieu of private lessons and may be held every week upon. Group lessons offer a social setting in which to learn and read repertoire, ensembles, perform and review concepts using games and interactive activities.

Same charge as private lessons.


Note: Due to the change in the number of lessons during a session, the tuition will differ slightly from session to session and year to year.

~Fall (Aug-Dec):  Around 14 Lessons and one Flex Week

~Spring (Jan-May): Around 17 Lessons and one Flex Week

~Summer (May-Aug)  ALL students must enroll in at least ONE option each summer to secure a lesson time in the Fall. The options are listed below:

Five Private Lessons (45/15min): Times/Dates to be determined around teacher and student availability. 

Four Day Studio Camps: (75-90min) Times/Dates to be determined around teacher and student availability. 

Flex Weeks

Additional obligations beyond my piano studio may require occasional travel which means there will be no lessons. Instead of me attempting to make up missed lessons I will schedule FLEX WEEKS. You will not be charged for these weeks I do not teach.


Note: Due to the variance of lessons during a session, the tuition will vary from session to session and year to year. The Annual Fees remain the same are above and beyond the tuition rate.

Annual Fees Per Family

Performance Fee: $25 Partially covers the cost and time needed in preparation for recitals and other performance opportunities.

Technology Fee: $25 Partially covers the cost and time needed to stay current with the technology trends and equipment for lab and lessons assignments.

Book Fee: $50 Covers all books, library loans, bags, binders and miscellaneous materials.

Annual Deposit Per Family

Fall Deposit: $100 (included in the SUMMER/MAY invoice) to secure lessons for the following fall. This will be credited toward your Fall tuition invoice.

Payment Plans

Four Invoices are emailed each year.

  • August: Invoice for Fall Session

  • January: Invoice for Spring Session

  • May: Invoice for Deposit for Fall Lessons

  • June: Invoice for Summer Session

Payment in full due on the 5th of the first month of each session. Those who pay in full receive a $10 credit towards the next session.

Payments may be made in THREE equal installments per session due on the 5th of each month. If you pay by installment, you are required to divide the invoice total by three and are responsible for making timely payments by the 5th of each month within the first three months of the session.

Payment Options

  • Checks made payable to LEILA VISS

  • Online payment with credit card

  • Online payment with Paypal

  • At the lesson with Square Register App

  • *Two late payments will result in lesson termination*

Missed Lessons and Lesson Termination

Missed Lessons

Your lesson slot is reserved for you and an emailed lesson reminder is sent prior to every lesson. Please make every effort to read all lesson reminders and schedule other activities around your lesson time.

Before you ask to reschedule a lesson, please observe the following:

There are no make-ups for lessons canceled 24 hours prior.

Missed lessons may possibly be rescheduled IF the teacher’s schedule allows and there are openings available.

Missed group lessons will not be made up but your pianist may attend another group lesson within the same week if available.

The studio remains open during storms. If you choose to miss a lesson due to inclement weather the lesson may be rescheduled only if there are openings available or OR lessons may be held via Skype or FaceTime.

There are NO Refunds for ANY missed lessons.

Lesson Termination

It is expected that a student will commit to lessons for an entire session. If lessons are discontinued by you before the end of a session these will be due:

$50 cancellation fee and the equivalent of two weeks worth of lessons.

Lessons may be terminated by the teacher at any time if..

  • Progress scores remain between a 1-2 for more than half the weeks in a session.

  • Tuition balances are not paid

  • Late payments occur on a regular basis.


Practice Expectations

Efficiency is more important than the amount of practice time.

Every student should develop a plan so that 5 practice times are part of the weekly schedule (just like soccer practice, homework time, TV time, etc.)

Although I highly encourage doodling at the keys, practicing what is assigned each week will ensure progress.

Suggested Amounts of Practice Time

Lesson Book Primer to Level 2: Schedule at least 15-20 minutes each day. Consistency and covering all assignments counts more than how long each day.

Moving away from Lesson Books: Schedule at least 30-minute practice sessions or break it up into two 15-minute sessions a day or, three 10-minute sessions.

Advancing: Schedule at least 40-minute practice sessions or break it up into two 20-minute sessions or…

For those signed up for Federation or other festivals, plan on 45-minutes to an hour per day two months prior to the event.

At the beginning of the fall sessions, students assemble a practice pouch which contains items to to build strong practice strategies.

Progress Scores

To answer the question, “How’s my pianist doing?,” students will be assessed a progress score on the assignment sheet after each lesson according to the following scale:

5 = WOW:  exceeded my highest expectations, all goals were met and then some

4 = EXCELLENT: all goals were met and progress made by consistent practice

3 = NICE: most goals were met but some were not, due to lack of time, goals stated unclearly, goals set were too difficult to meet…

2 = OK: some goals were met, but practice between lessons was not sufficient for much progress and parental supervision is advised

1 = HO HUM: looks like last weeks goals will be repeated as little or no practice occurred and little progress made and parental supervision is required


Music Books

All music books will be supplied by me. As part of your $50 book fee, your pianist will either borrow or keep the books given at the lesson. On occasion, a book may cost too much and I’ll ask you to purchase the book. Payment for the book must be made at the next lesson.

Additional Required Materials

A metronome or metronome app.

A binder for handouts, important documents, etc (supplied.)

A book bag to keep and carry all books and binder.

An iPad is HIGHLY recommended but not required, yet.

The iPad and Apps

The iPad and Mobile Devices

I highly recommend (I’m not requiring, yet!) that all students have access to an iPad during practice sessions–especially early-level students. High school and more advanced students will be expected to use their smart phones for various reasons at lessons.


I believe that certain apps are just as important as music books! Many apps are essential tools to boost at-home practice. Please consider purchasing any of the apps I recommend in the weekly lessons notes.

The 88 Piano Keys Studio is located in Centennial, CO.