World War II Vet Still at the Piano

In honor of Memorial Day and a very special Veteran... It has been my privilege to see Don Fullerton for a good number of years at my piano bench. He usually arrives every other week and we spend the hour rehearsing ensembles with his friend Stuart. Here's a video of one of their latest accomplishments as the self-named "Octogenarian Duo". Don is in the blue playing the secondo part.

At 85+ years old, Don not only enjoys playing duets, he plays Chopin, Gershwin and others, and can also play any tune by ear (especially those from the 40's and 50's) with style and pizazz. His smile and enthusiasm for life never stops even though his body doesn't always enjoy "keeping up" with his activities.

Don is a World War II vet and has many stories. As an 18-year old, he rode past German camps on a tank and his right ear (his riffle ear) suffers from significant hearing loss.

As I walked out with my cart of groceries today--the Friday before Memorial Day, two fine gentlemen were collecting money for Veterans of Foreign Wars and handed me a poppy after I gave some pocket change. It reminded me that this is not just another holiday weekend, this is a time to remember those who have served our country...

I am privileged to honor Don for his time as a soldier for this country and grateful that he continues to pursue his love of music at my piano bench.

Thank you Don for you service, your smile and your inspiration.