New apps find a home on my iPad

The following apps are now at home on my iPad and will be added to my growing iPad apps Page. 1) Love the format of Yamaha's new Song Chords

"Song Chords is Yamaha's solution for aspiring keyboard and guitar players who want to practice or perform with a backing band, on stage or at home. The app features a 16 track MIDI song mixer, a player with easy-to-read chord symbols that change in sync with the music, and chord dictionaries for both keyboard and guitar."

The "Song store" claims to have over 1,000 "awesome" songs from which to choose.

2) NoteStar is a brand new app--too new for me to say much about it except that I believe it will rock the digital sheet music world.

"NoteStar is Yamaha’s application for the iPad that features hands-free, smooth-flowing, easy to read digital sheet music matched with real audio backing tracks, complete with lead vocals. NoteStar provides a playing experience that feels like you're actually in the band!"

FYI: If you need something to hook your iPad or iPhone to your MIDI keyboard, the i-MX1 USB-MIDI interface may be what your looking for.

3) A good friend hooked me up with Dropbox but my Mom (who recently acquired an iPad thanks to her daughters) actually filled me in on the latest Dropbox app. This makes it SO easy to move any files from my compter to my iPad--my new favorite app.

4) The same good friend as above--namely Bradley Sowash--filled me in on iRealb, a fantastic "jazzer" app.

The description of this amazing app begins below:

  • "Create, edit, print, share and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference while practicing or performing.
  • Practice with a full rhythm section (Piano or Guitar plus Bass and Drums) with realistic sounding accompaniments for any properly formatted chord chart.
  • The play-along feature includes Jazz Medium Swing, Bossa Nova and Rock styles...." and more

5) This really is a secondary iPad app (for the Mac), but I just can' get over how cool this is. Check out the iBooks author. A free download will allow you to create an interactive text book for your iPad-wowza! Can't wait to write my first book.

Ok--so, feel free to help me make additions to my ever-growing iPad apps list and please include your comments on any that you already own. Would enjoy hearing your opinion.

Which iPad app do you use the most?