Clavier Companion Magazine Winners!

First, thanks to all who stopped by and left a practical teaching tip. I've The Piano Magazine NovDec coverincluded them below and also your kind words just because I do so appreciate them :-) Start reading and share in the wise insights of fellow teachers.  -Practical tip: teach your students how to read and realize charts to reinforce theory and give them a practical skill!    -Henry

-Here is my tip for the world of piano pedagogy - People become interested in learning to play the piano because of the music they enjoy listening to. It stands to reason then, that the piano lesson be centered around learning how to play music the student enjoys. Thanks for all you do, Leila!     -Fame 1444

-Every day is a give every student something to smile about.     -Roxanne

-Using Fake Books for theory lessons and applied keyboard harmony eliminates the somber approach by substitution of fun learning of left hand accompaniment patterns, added harmonies in the melody and improvisational technics for youngsters and adults in their silver years.     -Deidre

-As music teachers, we often have the unique privilege of working with one student at a time. That 30 minutes or hour may be the only time during the week that the student has the undivided attention from an adult. The opportunity this time provides to be a positive influence on a student's musical and personal development should be taken seriously. I have found that the more I understand my students as people first, the better I am able to assess their musical abilities and help them achieve their highest potential.     -Jennifer

-I have been teaching piano for more than 20 years and find the methods evolve to adapt to new learning styles & technology is becoming a headliner in the studio. Teachers need to keep reading & studying!     -Bernie

-There is always something new to method books to discover, new articles, even new ways to practice a certain piece. Sometimes it's so easy to want to give up but at the end of one's musical journey is a reward that is worth treasuring your whole life.     -Hannah

-My practical tip is to print off address labels with common practice directions (like "Play the left hand 3x PIAR" - perfectly in a row) so that you don't have to continually rewrite the same directions for students. This has saved me TONS of lesson time!     -Lori

-I sing a rhyme to help the children learn their scale fingerings: right hand going up -- 1 - 2- 3 SWING Climb up the tree. And coming down: Little to the thumb, 3 - 2- 1. (as in little finger to the thumb). It has helped a lot.     -Lynelle

-Leila, I have to second every word you said in praise of CC magazine. I am even more of a dinosaur, having subscribed to both parent magazines, Clavier and Keyboard Companion, for longer than I care to admit. I met the original founder of KC, Richard Chronister, at several workshops in the 70's and '80's and corresponded with him as one of the users of his and David Kraehenbuhl's Keyboard Arts course. I still have my early issues and I still go back and mind them for relevant teaching principles and tips. And congratulations to for joining the big dudes of piano pedagogy in CC! I have just received my dinosaurial print copy of the latest CC issue, and will now look through it for your first article. Yay, and way to go.     -Kathy G

-Always put yourself in your student's shoes - set aside your preconceived ideas and biases and really listen to what your student needs. Allow yourself to discover alongside your students and you will continually learn, grow, and become immersed in the journey with them. This is so rewarding, you will continue to love teaching each and every day.                                                       -Leah

-My practical tip is ... Each student should feel as if they are your ONLY student. The amount of care, attention, and focus you give them should make them feel as if they are your best, your favorite, your most exciting student. Make them feel special, and they'll want nothing more than to be back at your bench, week after week.    -Leia


And the winners are (not based on tips, but on a random drawing):








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