You Don't Want to Miss this Black Friday Deal!

I recently posted an article featuring essential (my favorite) apps at Clavier Companion's blog called The mzl.wcucgcqa.175x175-75Piano Mag Blog. This list not only includes apps to consider for your tablet but also an amazing and generous offer from Melissa Harris good now through Black Friday, November 29th. Here's the deal: Those who purchase my book The iPad Piano Studio: Keys to Unlocking the Power of Apps will be eligible for a combo of apps called SightReadPlus and SightReadMinor! Read more about them below.

She's offered TWELVE free codes for the combo, each one worth a retail value of $12.98. If you have not purchased my book or her apps, this is the time do so.

iPad Revolution-Book-Comp-4 210 Apps that should be on your Christmas List

Dreading the holiday shopping rush? Why not stay home and fill your shopping cart at the App Store instead? The shelves are always well stocked and there's NO waiting in line!
Yes, it's time to deck your tablet (especially if you've just purchased your first smart device) with some invaluable apps. This list is limited to 10. These go-to apps have found a home on my iPad and from what I hear, on tablets of many other tech-savvy app enthusiasts.
Each app is likened to a type of gift you may give or receive during the holiday season.  You'll also find a brief description of the app along with the folder in which I store the app on my home screen. In addition, available operating systems are listed and are hyper-linked if you are interested in purchasing them…yes, it's all here--convenient, one-stop shopping. The first of 10 is listed below.
1) A Black Friday Special: SightReadPlus 
  • Developer: Cape Cod Music Apps, Inc.
  • Folder: Sight Reading
  • Description: This app rightfully boasts an entire library of carefully sequenced exercises for building sight reading skills all accessed with a fingertip or two. With 4800 exercises in all major keys, it is definitely worth the price tag. A huge bonus: readers can play their graded exercises on your studio acoustic piano so there is no need for extra accessories for the iPad. More good news, the same developers just released SightReadMinor featuring 2880 exercises. In keeping with the season of special offers, Melissa Harris of Cape Cod Music Apps has generously supplied TWELVE free codes for the pair of apps SightreadPlus and SightreadMinor retailed at $12.98! To be eligible to win, purchase your copy of The iPad Piano Studio: Keys to Unlocking the Power of Apps between November 21-November 29, 2013. Then enter the Official Giveaway at the bottom of the post at The Piano Mag Blog.
  • Compatible: iOS iPad only
  • Price: $7.99 (plus), $4.99 (minor)

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about nine more apps my iPad Piano Studio couldn't live without...