The iPad Piano Studio: A Unique Hybrid Experience

Leila:Book 3In November 2012, I was encouraged by Philip Johnston--an author whose edgy approach has inspired me for years--to write a book about using the iPad and apps. It turns out it didn't take much nudging and over a number of months a book was conceived. Penning the content was the easy part, but finding the means to publish a book with a time-sensitive subject was the hard part. Finally, in March of 2013, I met Tom Folenta. The easy part was talking him into publishing the book for/with me. The hard part: taking 12 chapters and building a book with a pleasing cover, some eye-catching graphics and that all important ISBN number.

Fast forward to October 22nd, 2013. The easy part is expressing how ecstatic I am with my first, freshly pressed publication. The hard part is figuring out where to begin when explaining the cutting-edge features of this WebGINES Publishing Digital Series book.  Let me explain in more detail...

Your purchase of the The iPad Piano Studio: Keys to Unlocking the Power of Apps includes these features:

#1: Physical Paper Back Book: $21.99 (+ shipping)  PLUS a free copy of SimpleTEC Magazine AND all the additional features listed below.

Between the covers you will find information, ideas, insight and inspiration on integrating the iPad within every aspect of studio teaching. Yes, it's called the iPad PIANO Studio, but teachers of other instruments will find the book beneficial as well. From those who are still contemplating the purchase of an iPad to those considered "veteran" iPad owners, there's something for everyone. The chapters are concise with striking graphics and a fresh format so that information can be gathered quickly. You'll follow my journey as I explored this slick device and along the way you'll enjoy playing "I Spy" as there is plenty of name dropping (those who have inspired me) throughout the pages.

#2: Digital Edition: $17.99 (no shipping)

For those who prefer to save paper, this edition includes the same content as above minus the physical paper back book AND all the features listed below. It also includes a digital edition of SimpleTEC Magazine.

#3: Website: (accessed by a code found in your book)

Thank you to those who pre-ordered a copy by visiting This site has now morphed into a store in which to order the book we reserved for you. Please enter your code you received via snail mail or email (it may still be coming your way as of this post.)  The site also includes a blog with a column entitled The iPad Piano Teacher. The column will showcase interviews with teachers across the globe who integrate apps into their instruction. I've never claimed to have all the answers. My intention is to share the ingenuity of innovative teachers so we all can learn, grow and keep our studios dynamic and not static (one of Philip Johnston's mantras.)

#4: Videos

Thanks to the last feature (below), videos are included in your purchase price. Not just a couple of videos to highlight a few items within the book but a library of videos that will continue to grow.  Although some may be instructional in nature, others, called "Peek-Ins" will allow you to take a peek into my studio and see how I and my students interact with the iPad. All quite casual in format, you will find some videos helpful but also quite entertaining--you know how kids can be :-).

#5: QR Codes: not just QR Codes but DYNAMIC QR Codes


Building a collaborative partnership with Tom Folenta and his webgines magically made all my dreams come true--and then some.

On my wish-list for this book:

  • clearly formatted pages with clever graphics
  • a matching website including a blog and a store
  • a handy digital edition for those who prefer to avoid a paper chase

The feature I never even imagined as part of this project was the inclusion of dynamic QR (quick response) codes--all thanks to Tom's non-stop ingenuity. With a scanner app (here's a link, it's free!) you can scan the codes with any mobile device in the book and access the video correlating to the present chapter. However, because these are dynamic QR codes, you can land on a menu that directs you  to any other available videos. In addition, more videos can be added on a continual basis. Included in iPad Revolution-Book-Comp-4 2the QR code menu is even a link to the blog!

See what I mean, it's hard to explain the innovative assets of this book when there's so many! It is easy for you to take advantage of this state-of-the-art paperback experience. The fusion of physical, digital and online experiences provides an exclusive hybrid approach that combines  a continual stream of the latest information, ideas, insight and inspiration.

I cannot wait for you to experience what I've held close for over a year.


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