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Favorite Conference Experiences

-I love hearing about many music-related topics in a short time. I enjoy workshops very much, but they are (obviously) limited to one topic, so a conference gives "more bang for the buck." I live in a rural area and there are not a lot of opportunities within reasonable travel distance, so this sounds perfect!

-Leila, I am sad to say that I've never attended a conference. I hope to remedy that soon! Thanks for this opportunity!

-I recently saw Charlene Shelzi recently and loved that she involved attendees as she demonstrated her games.

-Hi! I´m from Germany. This year I attended my first conference in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was the European Congress of EPTA. When I was waiting in line for registration I felt so happy just to now that everybody else there was a piano teacher, too. There are so many contacts to my students, but so less to other teachers so that was a special moment to realize that I´m no longer alone. My dream is to attend the MTNA Conference one day!

-I would really like to win, because I have never had the opportunity to attend a conference! I think it would be a great way to learn some new things to implement in lessons and as you know, I'm always looking for a way to be an even better teacher :)

-Hi! One of my favourite memories of a conference is actually online. It was the first online seminar that I attended, and I loved it. The presenter was a professional, all-business person (normally) and he has a multi-million dollar business. But in that webinar, we saw him at home (although he was still in a suit) it added a personal touch. That's when I knew that I needed to explore online presentations!

-My favorite was the recent Teach Piano Today online conference. Each day was a different theme, and the resources are filling my studio to over-flow! I've hired 2 new piano teachers thanks to the good ideas I'm implementing from people like you and others. Thank goodness for the inter-web ; )!

-This fall I attended a workshop by Kevin Olsen. I loved his visual of the clock works. How the big cogs represent long-term dream pieces, the smaller ones are the everyday pieces passed off in a week or two. It really pointed out that there needs to be a balance between weekly, mid-range and long-term goals for our students.

-Way back in the late 80's I attended a week long session at Santa Rosa Junior College with Richard Chronister who presented his ideas to teaching the Keyboard Arts Series. It was a week that changed my teaching forever. How lucky I feel to have had that opportunity.

-I went to a Suzuki conference by Karlyn Brett in Salt Lake City. She is from Spokane WA, and is amazing! Learned so much.

-The one and only conference so far that I've attended as a teacher was our state one. Illinois Music Teachers Association two years ago. I had the privilege of making the trek with my piano teacher. That in itself was inspiring! I was amazed at how wonderful it was to collaborate ideas in person, glean knowledge that could only empower from local teacher and make some life long friends and connections. There's something that seems to connect us music folk like no other group of people. I was really inspired and energized by a Master Class presented at that conference of James Giles. He is amazing! I was touched that he is very real, compassionate but can compliment or give constructive criticism without belittling the receiver. I would have loved to be one of the guinea pigs on stage under his tutelage.

-I went to the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy in Chicago this summer. I had never been. There were several things that made this trip very special, including finding room mates on facebook, meeting composers Diane Hidy and Elisse Milne, and Forrest Kinney, and bringing home their materials to give to my students. The best part was finally meeting Melissa Maritros who I had been corresponding with about going back to school for special education to gain more skill in teaching students with special needs, and attending her workshop on incorporating teaching of children with special needs into your studio. I feel very fortunate to have met wonderful teachers and receive invaluable resources. In a job where it is easy to be isolated, it is very comforting to know that our colleagues are only an email, phone call, or "posting" away; eager to help and give advice so we can meet our students where they are in their musical education and help them be lifelong musicians.
-I have never been to any kind of conference! Please choose me so I can create some memories! :)
-The first National Conference I attended was the one in Toronto in 2007, which was a combined event between MTNA and CFMTA. This was the first time I heard Ingrid Clarfield speak, and I remember rearranging my schedule so I could attend more of her sessions. Of course, this was just before she had her stroke. The next MTNA Conference I was able to attend was in 2012 in NYC, where I was able to attend the premier of the film of her incredible story (Take a Bow). What an amazing experience to be in a room with so many folks who have made such significant contributions to our profession!
-I enjoyed a conference in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada about 10 years ago. The variety of topics was quite interesting. What really sticks out though, was a class on Baroque dance - picture a room of virtually all female piano teachers trying to learn Baroque dance in partners :)
-I attended a class presented by the TCW ladies at our local conference last year. The game they presented to help students really know their scales has become a favorite in my studio. I am a fan!
-I must say when my student made the Young Artist Guild here in California at our MTAC conference, it has to be one of the all time high points of my teaching career!
-This conference would be my first ... sorry I can't satisfy your curiosity about other conferences. This sounds like a great opportunity for someone like me. Five days .... you must be so excited!! Can't wait to get your book!
-One of my favorite conference experiences was the MMTA (Minnesota Music Teachers Association) convention in, I think, 2011, when Alejandro Cremaschi spoke about Latin American music - something I love that often gets ignored!
....and NOW the winner is...Lori Burleson! Congratulations!

Lori, you will hear from Michelle Sisler very soon.


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