Do you "Write the Songs?"

As much as I would like to experiment with song writing--we're talking lyrics too--there is just not enough time in the day. Although composing and arranging piano solos would be my first choice,  the art of writing a good song intrigues me.

A couple of years ago I attended a session led by Robert Sterling, a Dove Award-winning songwriter, arranger and producer. His book Jesus Chairs shares an approach to Christian songwriting that would appeal to any future song-writer.

The table of contents features chapter titles such as "Getting Started (Ideas, Inspiration and The Mysteries of the Creative Process)", "Poetic Devices", "Collaboration" and much more.

As a teacher of composition, I find  this book invaluable as I guide for wanna-be song writers and composers too!

What inspires you to write lyrics? Do you teach song-writing? What resources do you find helpful?