I Took the Song-Writing Challenge

Well, not sure why a complete but very nice stranger and our comment exchanges can "make" me do something completely out of my box, but...(thanks Ryan!). He filled me in on a challenge of writing a song in 5 minutes. See this past post for details  I couldn't resist the challenge. I need to be honest, although the initial idea and hook of the song came to me in seconds, the actual planning and recording of the song took more than 5 min. However, from conception to this recording (please be kind in your judgements) took approximately 30 min. I was SO tempted to perfect things but I did not.

Here is a list of my disclaimers:

  1. I am NOT a song writer, just have knowledge of how it should be done and some gut instincts.
  2. I am NOT a singer, I can sing on pitch but I created this tune in a key that is not in my range--apologies.
  3. I am NOT a singer that can sing along when playing the piano. It has been done but not regularly.
  4. I really wanted to expand upon the plan but decided that, no, I could not spare the time and therefore, it is limited to just one verse and one chorus, nothing more.
  5. The topic is truly inspired by experience as it came to me while scrubbing the toilet--honestly. Those who know me, know that my best ideas come to me while cleaning...

So, if you care to pass any judgment, first try the challenge yourself (click here to learn about Gary Ewer's challenge)  then you "may" relay your thoughts.

Are you up for the challenge? Why not-I confess, it was fun!


The dishes, the laundry, the dusting, and the vacuuming

The counter, the cupboards, the toilet and the kitchen sink

the boys' room, their closets, the living room, the family room

And every weekend, I ask the very same question:

Why don't you clean yourself?

And they say: we're happy to wait for you!

Ok--so, here it is. Again, be nice :-)