An iPad App for Learning Music Terms

For those of you interested in the Get Inspired! episodes (just released the third episode!). I have recently designed flash cards of various vocabulary terms used in the listening guides. (I know, should have thought of this when I released the first episode, please forgive.) Since my students can always use some help with their "Italian", I thought this would be an excellent time for them to brush up on music terms, answer questions featuring them AND see the words "in action" thanks to the YouTube videos. My flashcards can be accessed by clicking on the links below and can be viewed on your computer. However, in my ongoing effort to look for helpful iPad apps, I recently discovered an iOS app called Flashcardlet. With this app, these flashcards can be easily accessed on the iPad and other devices. Flashcardlet  is a free application that can be used with Quizlet. Founded in 2005 by 15-year-old Andrew Sutherland for a high-school French class, Quizlet was designed as an easy-to-use tool for learning vocabulary. He built the site for himself, shared it with his friends, and it grew from there.

Once you download the Flashcardlet app you can create new decks of flashcards. You can also download flashcard decks from Quizlet, or import them from Dropbox, add them to your library, edit them and study them offline.

FYI: There are plenty of flashcard apps that work in a similar fashion. Click here to see other options recommended by Quizlet. As this is the first one I tried, I'd LOVE to hear of your favorite flashcard app. Am I missing the perfect one?

With the combination of  both the Quizlet site and its bounty of flashcards and the Flashcardlet app--or something similar--decks designed by others are available for use and easily modified for individual purposes. I know, these are just flashcards and yes, you may already have similar "paper" flash cards. However, my students love the chance to use the iPad, and I can create decks that suit my curriculum plans with ease AND stay green (another one of my personal and studio aspirations).

The custom deck for Episode One of Get Inspired! and Episode Two can be accessed by clicking below. I will be updating each episode page with a custom flashcard deck ASAP.

Episode 1 Flashcards

Episode 2 Flashcards

Leila's Flashcardlet/Quizlet Score

Application Potential: 5/5  So easy, practical AND versatile

Ability to Use with Ease: 5/5  Oh my, SIMPLE!

Assessment of Investment: 5/5  No brainer

Total Score: 15/15--worth every minute it takes for you to learn, you won't be sorry.

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinons?