iPad 101: Should I Purchase an iPad for My Studio?

ComposeCreate.com is a unique site offering advice for teaching piano, creating, managing a studio and much more. Wendy Stevens' sage counsel has walked many through situations unique to piano teachers but could be helpful to anyone owning a small business. If you are unaware of Wendy's site, make sure to visit ComposeCreate.com soon as her teaching resources are phenomenal as well. As Wendy is looking into an iPad yet hesitant about the investment, she asked me to supply a series of articles spanning "iPad basics" to what I consider "power-tool apps."

Here's the first in a series of four. I would love to hear how you use your iPad for your business and for your teaching. It seems I learn about a new app just about every day, most of them being something I know "could not live without".

iPad 101: Should I Purchase an iPad for My Studio?

by Leila Viss

"Do you question the need for an iPad in your studio?  Do you wonder how it can enhance your students’ education? Are you intrigued with the slick technology of the iPad but fearful of the steep learning curve? Are you ready to jump on the iPad band-wagon but need some support with your newly acquired technology?  Find answers to some of your questions to help you decide if an iPad is a wise investment for you.

Also, learn about some of the many convenient built-in iPad apps included in your purchase price and much more..."

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