88pianokeys.me Expands to 88CreativeKeys.com!

Colouring_pencilsThe column "Creative Corner" found at 88pianokeys.me, featured a monthly article providing fresh ideas for creativity. As part of my new partnership with Bradley Sowash and our hopes of expanding upon creativity at the keys, a new "companion" blog called 88CreativeKeys.com will be dedicated to the art of "playing beyond the printed page". You'll still find the same columns here at 88pianokeys.me: One App at the Time, Get Inspired!, a continually updated Music App Directory and more, along with some exciting new columns: Leia's Corner of the World and an Online Book Club featuring Philip Johnston's new book The Dynamic Studio: How to keep students, dazzle parents and build a music studio that everyone wants to get into.

Make sure to sign up for the 88pianokeys.me newsletter--there will be a coupon you won't want to miss AND at the same time, sign up for the CreativeKeys newsletter to learn about upcoming camps, clinics and workshops scheduled for 2013.

One focus of 88CreativeKeys.com is the Eye Ear Revolution. It is our intent to offer tips, exercises, ideas that will inspire you and your students to improvise, create, compose EACH week during the year of 2013 (and of course, beyond.)

What is the Eye Ear Revolution?

Eye players read music; Ear players improvise. To broaden their musical creativity and stylistic range, contemporary musicians need instruction in both. Reading music and playing by ear used to be common among European classical musicians until about 100 years ago. Then, as the minimum technical abilities required to interpret and play the repertoire grew with increasing complexity, creative music making gradually ceased to be a part of formal music education.


Interested in reading more? Click here for the full blog and find the improvisation tip for the first week in January.

Here's to a Creative and Happy 2013!