New at 88pianokeys: Leia's Corner of the World

Leia from India and NOT Leila from 88pianokeys 1) It's not just all about me

Writing a blog could be considered a self-serving ambition. Looking back at the onset of, the site was going to be for me and act as a filing cabinet in the clouds to store all my favorite ideas, sites, etc in one place. As I collected others' ideas, it also became more intriguing to write about my own experiences and share my ideas as I found more readers were visiting the site.

2) It's beyond borders

Wordpress offers countless blog stats including how many visits and views, search terms used to find my blog, the most popular posts and the location of each visitor. I must admit, the stats are always intriguing to me. It never occurred to me that something I wrote about from my Colorado "bubble" might be of interest to someone in Canada, the UK, let alone Singapore, even Egypt.

3) It's a global community

Recently, I received a lovely comment from Leia, yes Leia, pronounced "Laya." Spelled just like my name Leila OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(pronounced "Leela") mins the "L". I replied back and was curious to learn more about her. Turns out she lives in India and we've exchanged numerous emails since. As my husband periodically travels the globe, one of his favorite countries is India, and in fact was just there this past May. I have vicariously inherited a fascination of India thanks to my husband's experience and lifetime friends he has made abroad. As he is employed by a large corporation and works in global support, it is no surprise he enjoys a cross-cultural community. Never did I imagine that I, a private studio piano teacher, would/could do the same via a small blog "hobby."

4) Bubbles are meant to be popped

As Leia and I continue to exchange emails, I've learned a great deal about her life as a piano teacher in New Delhi. So much so, that new posts will now appear at  called "Leia's Corner of the World".  The intent is to share stories, share advice and open up channels that will officially and permanently pop my tiny bubble.

5) Again, it's not all about me

One of Leia's adorable students

Many thanks to Leia for allowing her experience to be part of To be clear, it is not just the fact that she lives in India that fascinated me about Leia, she is also starting up a professional studio (here's a link to her blog) and she writes beautifully. Therefore upcoming posts will be excerpts of her emails, questions, observations. I am thankful to have her permission, fortunate to find a new friend and hopeful that our interaction will be mutually beneficial.

Bonus? discovering others who may be interested in eaves dropping or perhaps joining in our "conversation" from their neck of the woods.

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