What does a newly remodeled studio website look like?


A couple of months ago, I committed to remodeling my studio website. After reading Janna Carlson's post about a website being your front door, I knew my front door needed a fresh coat of paint, a new doormat and clear hallways to direct visitors to the right "room." Once I signed up for a full web redesign package, Janna and Jeremy Carlson of Studio Rocket Web Design initiated professional yet casual communication with me through emails and Google Docs.

Wow, did they make me sift through the present content on my site! What I greatly appreciated was how they guided me in the way I express myself in succinct and inviting statements that connect with potential student families. When they needed certain "copy" for the site, they always gave examples on how it could be written which was golden, I didn't have to start with a blank canvas.

What struck me most about my remodeling experience was that the Carlson's care not only for the look and feel of their client's website but the content and how to present the content, too. They want the personality of the teacher/owner to shine through. I'm sure that's not the case with many web designers for hire.


My site might have been unveiled earlier if I hadn't been distracted by our 88 Creative Keys Workshop and one other minor hiccup. The professional photos I had taken in the past did not quite fit the look and design of my new site. So, this is where serendipity stepped in!

At our recent 88 Creative Keys workshop, I was sharing my new site with attendees so they could learn more about Studio Rocket Web Design. After I let them know that I was in need of some fresh photos for the site, Rachel Bradley (first time attendee) said she'd be happy to take some photos for me as she is a photographer "on the side."

laughing at Bella

laughing at Bella


Soon after the workshop, Rachel came over and climbed all over my living room and studio (literally) to capture some pics of yours truly. I really couldn't be any happier with them!!

What really warms my heart is that I not only made a new teacher friend in Colorado but, Rachel and I bartered--she took photos of me and I look forward to sharing more about her innovative resources at 88pianokeys.me very soon. Stay tuned!

One of my favorite things to come from all of this? The time and effort put into our 88 Creative Keys workshop is worth it because both Janna and Rachel are 88 Creative Keys alumni!  The relationships created at our workshops are extraordinary. Networking is a staple in our industry and it happens at 88CK ALL the time. And the best thing...connections are made and friendships are established for a lifetime.


So, back to the website...yes, it's finished but, I do need to update some content. I look forward to sweeping out a few more cobwebs and tidying up a bit. It's on my list!

In the meantime, I invite you to take a look around, notice how easy it is to get from one "room" to the next and how to access information. Just wish I could offer you some coffee and we could chat awhile. :-)

A special thank you to Rachel for the photos. I don't think she travels so don't count on hiring her as a photographer unless you live in Colorado. :-)

A huge shout out to Janna and Jeremy Carlson for ALL their efforts. They worked hard to make me look my best and I know they will do the same for you!

Here's the link to leilaviss.com.