Podcast Interview with Christopher Sutton of Musical U


A good podcast can make a long walk go by in a heartbeat. One that I subscribe to is produced by Christopher Sutton and his crew at Musical U. They offer a FREE weekly podcast called TheMusicality Podcast every week on various and interesting topics related to music and the music industry.

First, what's Musical U?

Musical U offers distinct and well-organized online courses through a supportive team of expert musicians.

Here's how they describe it:

"Musical U is a combination of:

  • The very best training resources developed and proven over the last 5 years at Easy Ear Training.

  • A friendly, supportive community because trying to go it alone is one of the major stumbling blocks faced by musicians.

  • Access to experts so that you can get personal help whenever you face a new question or challenge."

When you sign up, you become part of a group of like-minded amateur and professional musicians and teachers who are looking to hone their skills and polish their craft--especially ear skills and creativity.

This may be a wonderful place for your adult students to find extra support between their lessons with you. Musical U is not trying to take the place of a teacher, but instead, offers content that supports and reinforces what happens between lessons. Learn more here.

Why mention their podcast?

Back to the The Musicality Podcast--it was a distinct honor to be interviewed by Christopher Sutton for their 92nd podcast and it's streaming now!

He was interested in my background and how I gained confidence in playing by ear, improvisation and composition. He was SUCH a pleasure to talk with. I know you'd enjoy his style of interviewing.

I hope you like my "secrets" for triggering creativity. It can work for you and your students!

What if Christopher asked YOU about your musical background? What would you say? Did you have a light bulb moment when things turned around for you and your confidence as a player and/or teacher?

Share your thoughts in the comments below....

A big shout out to Musical U for the opportunity!

Listen to The Musicality Podcast and find the show notes here.

Better yet, subscribe to them here and listen to the podcast on your next walk!


Musicality U/Leila Viss

Musicality U/Leila Viss