Philip Johnston Online Book Club and Sweepstakes

Finally getting my act together and ready to launch the online book club mentioned some time ago in my 88 Piano Keys dynamic-studio-how-keep-students-dazzle-parents-build-philip-johnston-paperback-cover-artnewsletter. It just so happens the first book for discussion is none other than Philip Johnston's The Dynamic Studio: How to Keep Students, Dazzle Parents and Build the Music Studio that Everyone Wants to Get Into. I chose this book first because I credit Philip Johnston's earlier publications with providing the support, the perspective, and the willpower to move me out of the "typical studio" box years ago.  His  latest book is fitting for those just opening a studio and seasoned teachers.  What it lacks in "scholarly" information it makes up for with heaps (93 to be exact) of common sense and many moments of "why didn't I think of that before?".

Some of you who currently subscribe to my newsletter may have begun reading the book, perhaps finished already? My apologies in the delay of getting this club underway. However, the good news, it is not too late for anyone to join and participate. the 88 Piano Keys Book Club.

What are the perks?

Learn about and add books to your library that will enhance your teaching, playing and role as the CEO of your own business.

Read various and colorful perspectives and opinions of others as they interpret the same book.

Share your personal insights and experiences. Here's the perfect sounding board for your thoughts.

You might even get to hear a response from the author?

What is the format?

Every week or two, I'll post a quote from the designated book and post my thoughts, reactions, etc. Those wishing to contribute to the club simply type in responses or musings in the comment section.

It's that easy...

How do I join?

If you are reading this, consider yourself a member of the club. Enjoy all of its benefits at no expense and come and go as you please.

How do I participate?

The level of your participation is completely up to you. Please feel free to move between any and all of these membership levels.  There's no charge for upgrading and no refunds for downgrading.

  1. Black: For those who have no time to read the actual book, members at this level read my posts, comments, soak it all in and remain silent (but not in the dark!)
  2. White: For those who read the book, my posts and comments but prefer to remain anonymous and refrain from posting comments.
  3. Ebony: For those who read the book, my posts and comments and are sporadically inspired to contribute personal thoughts and opinions.
  4. Ivory: For those who read the book, my posts, comments and wish to comment regularly and even schedule an article for a future blog posts(?)

9780958190503What's the "sweepstakes" all about?

Some time ago, Philip Johnston visited and in no uncertain terms encouraged me to write a book.

His nudge pushed me over the edge and since then, a book has been in the process. I'll fill you in on it more in the near future. If I'm to write a book, it's important to have readers. So, I'll be honest, I am looking for more subscribers to my newsletter so that I can gain a target audience and perhaps future customers. Since I cannot currently offer substantial incentives because I lack a product to "sell",  I asked Philip Johnston if I could employ his books to attract readers. He was extremely gracious and had no problem with his products being "used".

So here's the Sweepstake scoop:

Philip agreed to offer a limited supply of three of his books at a discounted rate of $20 each (including shipping)

If you do not have a copy of one of these--while supplies last--you can purchase them from me for:

$20 and  your subscription to my newsletter (if you're already on my list, you can still purchase a book for $20)

$19 and your subscription to my newsletter plus ONE more email address of a friend who would find a worthwhile resource.

$18 TWO...simile

$17 and THREE...simile

$ 16 AND FOUR...simile

$15 and....plust FIVE or more...simile

The rules:

  • Please email me the first and last name of each person you refer to my newsletter between today, February 27th and March 15th.url
  • Those names must appear as registered in my "subscribers list" between February 27th and March 15th.
  • Supplies are limited so please let me know your first choice and hopefully all books will be divvied out accordingly.
  • You must live in United States, sorry, shipping outside the US is just too expensive.
  • Reminder: my intent is to build a TARGET audience so please include addresses of those who are truly interested in my site and gave his/her permission to you.

Nuts, what incentive do I receive if I live outside the US?

I really want to make this a global community book club so those of you who live outside the US will qualify for a drawing to win one FREE digital edition so make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and tell at least THREE or more of your friends and fellow teachers. Just email me and let me know where you live and the names of your three friends between February 27th and March 15th.

FYI: The mantra of Johnston's latest book is: "It's your studio, you decide what happens." Any of the three books featured above offer sound advice to set your studio apart, I promise. By the way, THANK YOU Philip Johnston for your willingness to share with 88 Piano Keys readers!

If you are curious, yes, my book will focus on the iPad and how I use it in my studio. More later....I do hope you will consider joining the 88 Piano Keys Online Book Club and take advantage of this unique sweepstakes opportunity!


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Leila J Viss

It's not all black and white

OOOPS! Forgot this important step...duh...

Please direct all emails to

1)  Please ask your friends to subscribe to the news letter here.

2) Email the list of friends that you referred to the news letter. Please include your street address so I can send the book of your choice your way.

3) If you already subscribe, please email me a note with the book of your choice including your street address

4) Once I have your email and street address we will set up a payment method....I've got a Paypal account...