Get Inspired! Episode 7, Just In Time for MTNA

imgresOne of the reasons why I'm staying on until Wednesday morning at the March MTNA conference in Anaheim, CA is the concert on Tuesday evening. Anderson and Roe will be the featured artists. Their electrifying videos, unique musical selections and captivating performances have drawn a growing fan base. I thought it important for my students to learn about this hot duo and vicariously share in my anticipation to attend the concert. So, you will find a number of videos of Anderson and Roe, the record-breaking performance of 12 pianists at one piano and Victor Borge in Episode 7. All interesting combos that should prove to hold the attention of even the most antsy student.

There is a listening guide provided but sorry, no flash cards. Ran out of time.

Here's the link to Episode 7

If you are not familiar with the Get Inspired! series of episodes at, I created these for my students and thought others might enjoy them. Here's an explanation of why I include these at my site and in my teaching. Enjoy!

PS: The Saturday Jazz/Pop Track on March 9th, prior to the MTNA Conference, promises to be a dynamic line-up. I've got the inside scope as I've been assisting Bradley Sowash, the Chair of the track. If you are attending, I would love to meet you at the conference. Please introduce yourself or email me at so that we can make a connection.

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