My Favorite Podcast EPISODES of 2018


When I'm not listening to tunes on Spotify (how did I ever live without that app?) I tune into podcasts. How do I find the time? I walk or run at 3-4 times a week and also commute about 20 minutes a couple times a week so I listen on the go with my phone and ear buds or pair my phone with my car speakers. Also, I listen to episodes at 1 1/2 speed which means I can get through them a little faster.


There are various apps you can use to access podcasts on any device. Since I have an iPhone, I use Apple's app. If you aren't crazy about mobile phones, all of these episodes are available on your laptop as well.

Here are the memorable episodes I've stumbled across this year. I list not just podcasts but, specific episodes in no particular order. Some may not have been broadcasted in 2018 but, it is when I listened to them.

From education to creativity to business to behavioral psychology to inspirational to self-help to real crime drama (yes I have a dark side!) I think you'll enjoy them.

(BTW...some use explicatives and I've marked those with an *)

The Chase Jarvis Live Show


*Interviews and teaching moments on marketing, business, entrepreneurship, self help

Seth Godin: How to Do Work That Matters for People Who Care

David Bach: Pay Yourself First 

Scott Blesky: Maximizing Creativity + Navigating the Messy Middle 

Brené Brown: Rising Strong in a Digital World

Hidden Brain


Interviews and stories dealing with social behavior, science, psychology...


*You name it, they are talking about it!

There are SO many TED talks and SO many ways to access them. TED Talks Daily provides a daily feed.

One talk on motivation jumped out at me and prompted a major blog post--read and listen to it here.

And, one more that is perfect for when you need to raise tuition, ask for a favor, move upward and onward...

Adam Galinsky: How to Speak Up for Yourself

And wouldn't you know, TED now has a new podcast called The TED Interview.  This one with Elizabeth Gilbert will be one up for discussion at our 88 Creative Keys workshop this summer!

Creative Piano Teaching Podcast


Interviews and teaching moments with top musicians

This is an important podcast for all piano teachers--I listen to every episode. For some reason, links to specific podcasts did not work so you'll find the complete list here. They are all worth your time but, the episodes below are the ones that stand out to me because I'm a little biased. Also check out Samantha Coates series on motivation nos 122-124. BRILLIANT!


Interviews with musicians and thought leaders meant to inspire

Yes, this happens to be a favorite episode because I was interviewed by Christopher Sutton--what an honor! All episodes are well done and inspiring.


South Suburban Christian Church

Weekly sermons

Our church streams every sermon and I happen to think my "boss" is a great preacher. Here's one of my favorite sermons delivered by Drew Collins.


Dirty John

*An unbelievable but true tale unfolded by a master story-teller.


Yes, I like crime dramas--been a fan of Law and Order FOREVER! I confess, I binged on this one. You'll need/want to listen to ALL the episodes, you can't stop at just one. Believe it or not, there's a piano teacher in the story! :-)

Up and Vanished

*A documentary film director reopens a missing person case and unravels a dark tale in a small Georgia community.

This is one of the most unusual things I've ever listened to because the drama unfolds through the weekly podcasts. Even the host can't keep up with the twists and turns!


Please leave your favorite podcasts/episodes in the comments below and thanks for sharing!

FYI: Listening to all of these episodes has given me the podcast itch. If I were to start my own podcast, would you be up for listening? What topics would be of interest to you?