Music iPad App Directory

An ongoing work in progress, I have assigned myself the task of organizing a list of music iPad apps. Organizing has always been a favorite pastime so I consider this a true labor of love. Unfortunately, cyberspace doesn't require a trip to the Container Store (my favorite) for the perfect storage space; however, I'm happy to invite you to benefit from my virtual filing cabinets here at 88pianokeys. In order to make it easier to find a music app to fit your needs, I've designed pages or categories of apps. For each category you will find the apps I currently own. As I collect more, the pages will be updated.

Provided for your convenience, the pages also include:

  • a link to the iTunes store to simplify your purchase
  • the app price
  • a brief description
  • a link to a blog (if I have written about the app)
  • printables you may use for your studio (if I have created them for the app, more coming!)

Apps that I made printables for keeping score:

  • Flashnote Derby (see Note Names)
  • Music Cubes (see Ear Training)
  • Note Squish (see Note Names)

Apps that I 've written about:

  • Anytune (see Power Tools)
  • Flashnote Derby (see Note Names)
  • iReal b (see Power Tools)
  • Note Squish (see Note Names)

Link to four articles about why you may want and even NEED to invest in an iPad featuring a list of a GREAT DEAL of  apps.

PLEASE, let me know if I am missing one of your favorite apps.

There are so many out there, I hope to secure a list of the "best"

and greatly appreciate your input and opinions.