Celebrate 150 years of Canada with these designs!

Did you know that Canada is celebrating it's 150th birthday? Nope? I didn't either! Not A selfie after lunch out during spring break. Of course, shopping happened, too!

until fellow teacher, Swan Keizebrink filled me in and was requesting a recital program cover for her studio recital in honor of her native land.

Watch the video below to help you understand that it may come as a surprise even to many Canadians. Confession: my lovely daughter--in-law from Alberta, Canada had forgotten about it and she takes great pride in her Canadian citizenship.

Click on the video below to get a one-minute explanation of Canadian history and it's 150-year birthday.


Although it's not quite the Fourth of July celebration we enjoy in the states, the birthday is worth noting. In fact, it's quite a big deal and is marked with an official logo! (See below.)

My loyalty for Canada begins with my daughter-in-law Brittany, but also because I enjoyed presenting at the Alberta Registered Music Teachers Association in Calgary last summer and met or reunited with many lovely teachers from Canada at the recent MTNA conference.


So, why the post about the Canadian 150th birthday? As mentioned above, this was spurred by a request from Swan who was looking for a design for her upcoming studio recital program commemorating this Canadian celebration.

Swan asked Andrea West for some designs and Andrea has delivered in fine fashion. You will find her new, custom Canadian designs perfect for a program, an invitation, card--use your imagination. Get them HERE!

Plus, don't miss her other designs for spring recital covers. Find them all at the Piano Teacher Planning Center right HERE.


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