Webinar on Rhythm: The to key to unlocking creativity


How many times do you ask, plead, bribe and perhaps even force your students to count aloud?

We may see the benefit of it but until they do, it's a futile assignment.

Is counting out loud even that beneficial?

Why not come around your good intentions in a fresh way?

Reading from the grand staff becomes relatively easy as the pitch map becomes more familiar. Middle C will always be found right in the middle of it—that will never change! But, there's no guarantee that Middle C will always be a quarter note. That's why reading rhythms is difficult as there are so many variables.

Although we may be able to hear and correctly echo tricky rhythms, reading them accurately can be a challenge. In addition, we may be able to read and play tricky rhythms but struggle to keep them aligned with a steady pulse. I say "we" because in general, rhythm can be a problem for players at any level—both teachers and students.

As I continue to work with and learn from Bradley Sowash (keyboard improvisation expert), the ONE point that he drives home more than any other: improvisation requires strong rhythm skills and a steady pulse.

Now you know why our next 88 Creative Keys webinar is all about rhythm. Once you lock that into place you are free to unlock your creative voice (and count aloud!) That applies to both YOU and YOUR students.

Rhythm Webinar with pics

Join us on Monday, September 26th at 11:00am EST. Follow this link to find out what time that is for you.

If you need no further info and are sold, then...


Find solutions to puzzling rhythms with treasured trash

My portion of the webinar is called Understanding the IONS of Rhythm with Treasured Trash. I'll have a vast array of household manipulatives and ideas that I use in my studio to build rhythmic understanding. It will include a rock solid method for teaching polyrhythms that you won't want to miss.

These fun and unique activities will engage your students and maybe even talk them into counting aloud. I did it and so can you!

Be a drummer for your students

Bradley will take over with two segments: Rhythm Boxes and Boards and Drumming for Piano Teachers. He'll show you how to cleverly master rhythmic note values and their location within a measure and give you training on how you can accompany your students with simple drumming patterns. 

Get a unique freebie and a handout that are packed full of help

 There will be a comprehensive handout with all kinds of tips and tricks for teaching rhythm AND a freebie that you'll use every day in your lessons!
 We look forward to seeing you there Monday, September 26th. But, if you can't make it, no worries, still register and the webinar recording will be available after it ends and will not expire.

Don't let Halloween candy go to waste OR to your waist :-)

The best way to teach subdivision is to share that bowl of candy!

Using the candy chart featured below (follow this link to get more details.) 

  • Clap a rhythm pattern in 4/4 time saying the candy names. 
  • Ask students to clap back the pattern saying the candy names.
  • Show them the chart so they discover how each name stands for various note values.
  • Clap and say a new pattern.
  • Ask students to clap it back and ask them to dictate the pattern with candy (that you share!)
  • Ask them to notate the same pattern in real note values.
  • Reinforce your instruction by using these candy names as students recognize and read rhythms in their repertoire.


Hope to see you there!


Make Candy Count