12 Days of Drumming Cards 1-4 and Tips on Finding Drums


img_6251 You asked for it and you got it!

Some of you have wanted all the holiday bucket drumming cards in a rush to make plans for upcoming group lessons, parties and camps. I get it, I feel the same way.

Also, I'd like to take a break from posting on Sunday.

In case you've missed the latest news about bucket drumming for the holidays, read this post.

That means that you have access to cards 1-4 today! I think you'll like all of them.

By the way, if you have an aversion to purchasing big buckets because of the price tag or storage limitations, get creative. Save ANY container from now on (and forever!)

Chop sticks work well for drumsticks if your drums are too small for bigger sticks.

My good friend, Amy Watt, scored some great bongo drums at a flea market.

Home Depot buckets ($55 for a pack of 20 or around $4 a bucket) work well but are NOT required in order to make Bucket Drumming for Piano Teachers a hit in your studio.

Remember, you'll want to purchase our drumming resource here (if you haven't yet) since all the holiday cards refer to specific ideas found in it.

Click on the drumming reindeer to get the cards and start making your plans!