Twelve Days of Drumming Ideas for the Holidays: Days 1 and 2


The well-known carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas"  is a series of cumulative verses that list increasingly grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas. Take note that the 12th day isn't just 5 golden rings, it's twelve drummers drumming! Nuts, Heather didn't make this pic but here's me with Marie Lee sporting our buckets and sticks AND our Let's Do This t-shirts.

This is the perfect segue into a reminder of a resource that is available here at the Piano Teacher Piano Center: Bucket DRUMMING for Piano Teachers compiled by Marie Lee, Heather Nanney and yours truly.

In honor of the upcoming holidays and the old English carol's tribute to drumming, Bucket Drumming for Piano Teachers will be on sale through the month of December.


How about red and green drum sticks?  This could be a fun, electrifying twist to brighten up your holiday lessons. Use them in private lessons to review tricky rhythms in repertoire or let students take turn using them in a drum circle by passing them from one drummer to the next every 16 beats, then 8 beats, then 4 beats without dropping a beat!

Get yours here.

31hfktqgfplIf you haven't purchased your copy of Bucket Drumming for Piano Teachers, you'll find that this customizable resource is THE perfect solution for camps, groups and private lessons. You’ll have access to buckets full of resources so that you can learn how to teach bucket drumming in style. Order your copy by clicking here or on the photo below.

Let's Drum This


With the help of over 80 “recipe cards” you’ll be able to integrate bucket drumming into any of your current plans with pedagogically sound and guaranteed-to-rock activities.

Even better news for those who are planning December group lessons and camps, we

Recipe cards

are offering an additional 12 days of holiday-themed drumming ideas that will rock your lesson plans!

The "Twelve Days of Christmas" is a cumulative song where each verse gets longer and longer. We are echoing this by adding a new card to your Bucket Drumming recipe cards you already purchased (or will very soon!) each day for the next 12 days.

You'll notice that the cards modify ideas already found in Bucket Drumming for Piano Teachers so you'll want to refer to the resource to make the most of the holiday cards.

Get your second (along with the first) holiday recipe card by clicking on the drumming reindeer.