JoyTunes and MTNA Part Two

If you haven't noticed, my loyalties are divided between technology and creativity. As much as I desire to teach and promote creativity, IJoytunes-logo---no-background am equally passionate about THE tech device of the century--the iPad. So the second half of my MTNA 2014 report will cover my activities associated with all things iPad. First, I can honestly say that lugging my laptop along to Chicago was absolutely pointless. Both of my presentations were created with Keynote on my iPad Air. The app works like a charm and in my opinion created first-rate presentation slides. With the hotel Wi-Fi incredibly pricey, the only time I accessed email was via my phone or late at night with my iPad in the lobby where there was free Wi-Fi. Note to self: leave the laptop behind next time.

David Love giving a demo of Piano Maestro--an easy sale.

Next, I couldn't wait to share my ideas with those in attendance at the JoyTunes Exhibitor showcase. There is really nothing like the iPad and the apps that offer SO many manipulatives and games.  JoyTunes invited me to share examples of how I use various apps so I opened the session with attendees playing a round of note naming with the NoteSquish app.

This was accomplished via"trafficking" which is:

  • Contestants made a single line behind the piano.
  • The iPad was placed on the piano rack.
  • Contestants were asked to play the note that appeared on the iPad screen on the piano keyboard.
  • Then they were asked to tap the correct pitch name on the iPad.
  • Each participant was allowed to choose a candy-bar as a reward for a correct answer.

After the rousing note-naming game, I moved through the connection between coffee makers and technology--story best relayed with pics. It was hoped by this analogy that those in doubt about purchasing an iPad  would reconsider and those with an iPad would sit smugly and feel validated by their purchase.

To keep the crowd awake (the session was at 8:00am) I then

Really can't stop talking about the iPad.

  • Demonstrated how I chant and clap candy bar names to help students understand note values. Ex: Snickers = two 8th notes.
  • Explained how I ask students to dictate candy bar rhythms on an app called Multi-Touch White Board.
  • Moved on to an app called Rhythm Lab that offers rhythm reading drills.
  • Showed how the exercises from the Rhythm Lab app can be copied and pasted into a worksheet.
  • Migrated the worksheet over to an app called Notability where students can write in counting and even have their clapping and counting recorded all on the iPad--no paper required!

I had more tricks--I mean apps--up my sleeve that would have nicely led up to why I AlfredMusicthink Piano Maestro is the #1 go-to app for piano teachers BUT I ran out of time. My esteemed colleagues David Love and Linda Christensen then took over to demonstrate how and why every teacher with an iPad MUST have AND utilize Piano Maestro (formerly called Piano Mania).

JoyTunes, the developers of Piano Maestro (click here for my complete review) are breaking new ground when it comes to apps for teaching piano. They ARE the developers to watch.

Here are some of the many reasons why to download Piano Maestro:

Linda, Leila, Tom, Marta and Sivan

  • Continual (and I mean almost daily) additions to a library of songs that please and motivate budding pianists and teachers.
  • With an average cost of around $4 a month, teachers can not only utilize the app during lessons but student families can create profiles for each child to continue work at home.
  • Piano-Pronto-Piano-Lesson-Books-Music-for-all-ages-and-all-stages-10Students can access their account from any device thanks to the roaming profile feature which is unlike any other app I've encountered.
  • Teachers can assign work for home practice directly from the app.
  • Teachers receive weekly emails from JoyTunes displaying student progress.
  • Jennifer Eklund's Piano Pronto method books are included in the Piano Maestro library
  • Alfred's Premier Piano Course method books can be found in the library as well!
  • Just added, here's a guide to help parents set up the app at home: Piano Maestro - A Parents Guide

Man, did we have a full house!

 Special deals for you and your students:

Especially after the Monday morning showcase, the JoyTunes booth was a hub of activity. Teachers were excited to demo the app and delighted to learn about special discounts for themselves and their students. Here's the scoop:

  • JoyTunes is offering a free two-month membership to your students. Click on the link for this Pdf that you can give toyour parents for more details: Piano Maestro Promo for Students.
  • JoyTunes has partnered with MTNA and is offering a free 3-month subscription with this code: JTS3MTNA. Hurry the code is ONLY good until April 12th!

Some other benefits of hanging out at the JoyTunes booth:

  • Connecting face to face with the innovative and wonderful JoyTunes peeps, Marta and Sivan. Flying a significant distance from Israel did not seem to tire them out. In addition, both brought along some thoughtful and timeless gifts--THANK YOU!
  • Meeting SO many of you who read my blog, and either purchased my book prior to or at the conference. What a wonderful opportunity to connect with you. Just wish it could happen again sooner.

To learn more about or to download this app that propels

sight reading skills to new heights click here.


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