Wendy Stevens Does it Again and Again

The amount of truly remarkable and unique posts, products and pieces Wendy Stevens produces in a year is mind-boggling. If you haven't done so, make sure to check out ComposeCreate.com for some of her latest masterpieces. I've highlighted three of them below. SMU postcard

First, good friend, colleague, fellow blogger and EXTREMELY creative teacher and composer, Wendy Stevens has developed THE most unusual and downright fun method to practice and master rhythms with her latest Rhythm Cup Explorations. Every teaching studio should own a copy of this revolutionary curriculum to teach rhythm.


Next, Wendy is a standout composer who creates pieces that reflect her innate sense of playfulness which will relate immediately to your budding pianists' and their need to laugh, sing and play. Check out her witty yet charming pieces--one is called The Booger Song, yes, you read it correctly, The Booger Song.


Last (there's more I could include here but I'll limit this list to three items), Wendy is generously sharing news about the exciting events for teachers this summer. One of them is called SMU-IPT: The Creative Piano Teacher. It will be held July 8-11, 2014. I'm a little partial to this event as I've been helping Dr. Sam Holland with the conference plans and I've been asked to present at a number of sessions. In addition, good friends Bradley Sowash, Forrest Kinney, Kristin Yost and others will be part of the faculty as well. FYI: the registration fee goes up after May 1st and there are only 48 slots available so design your summer calendar around this event soon.


You really need to read more about this unique conference by clicking here which will direct you to Wendy's site. While there, don't forget to order Rhythm Cup Explorations and pick up some of her pieces as well.


Need a copy of The iPad Piano Studio for you or your friend? Order it here.

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