iConnect your Keyboard

Some years ago, my "iLife"  changed forever. I enjoyed using an iPod but did not see a use for it in the studio on a daily basis. Thanks to a session led by Serena Mackey, I learned how to hook up my iPod, iPhone and now my iPad to a my Clavinova CVP-505. This has provided an amazing sound system so all my studio CD's are now stored in iTunes. When students and I go shopping for the next repertoire piece, they are all literally at my finger tips and easily enjoyed. Stay tuned to hear about a cool app that works perfectly with this setup.

There are two options (now) for connecting an iAnything:

Option A:

Because I am so poor at remembering names of electronic items, I took the cords I currently use over to Radio Shack. I was informed that the RCA or stereo phono cord features an 1/8 inch stereo on one end and  two 1/4 inch adaptors on the other.

Apparently Radio Shack does not sell these any more but they can be made for you (most likely they can be found online?). In case my information is incorrect, here's a photo of the exact cord and adaptors to bring to show your local, patient Radio Shack expert. The adaptors are connected beneath the Clavinova (why do they put those in hard to reach places?) in the Auxiliary In and Out.

Option B:

Thanks to an adult student who purchased my old Clavinova, he discovered that borrowing the mp3 cord used in the car to connect an iPod/iPhone to the car stereo system also will connect an iAnything to the Clavinova with the help of an adaptor. Note: this is a different adaptor (male) than the others used above--did you know there are genders to adaptors?) Again, see the picture for specifics. This option allows a plug-in to only one Auxiliary

There is not a day that I don't use the benefits of this connection. Why not make your keyboard an "iKeyboard"?

If you have questions, I'm happy to help.

This blog is dedicated to a new friendship kindled by the SMU Institute for Piano Teachers. Hope this helps, Dorla!