A free ebook for your flipped classroom


Are you looking for ways to offer your music students tutorials on theory concepts? Although there are excellent iPad apps that drill and improve ear skills, they don’t always teach. That’s why I’m so excited about my e-boo called Understanding Intervals.

With an innovative app called Book Creator, I created an interactive e-Book that you can use in a flipped classroom approach to learning intervals.

It’s divided into parts so you can customize assignments to suit your students’ theory level. Bonus, I’m a huge shoe fan and thought it would make things more interesting by comparing intervals to shoes. I think you and your students will enjoy learning how intervals and shoes TIE together!

What is a flipped classroom? Instead of the teacher introducing a concept, videos, audio samples and photos help the student to learn. Then lesson time is used to discuss, review and answer questions. The teacher can guide instead of lecture. This is also known as a backwards classroom, inverted classroom or reverse teaching.

Take a peek at a page. Each page features audio samples, visuals and videos.


Click on the image below to get your free interactive e-book

Understanding Intervals—a free e-book at the iTunes Library

Understanding Intervals—a free e-book at the iTunes Library